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JiDion's Latest Twitch Stunt Is Turning Heads

YouTuber JiDion is no stranger to controversy and provocative behavior. In January 2022, the former Twitch streamer incited a hate raid against fellow streamer Pokimane. The abuse and misogyny she faced from his followers was the reason Pokimane almost quit Twitch and it landed JiDion a permanent ban from the platform. The two eventually put their feud to rest, but bizarre incidents surrounding JiDion continued.


In May, JiDion was kicked out of a furry convention in Atlanta while filming a video there. While he claimed to be baffled about why he was being removed, security told him that he had been causing discomfort to guests. Not long after, Dexerto reported that he had earned himself a permanent ban from Wimbledon for being disruptive during a tennis match. Now, just a couple months later, JiDion is again turning heads by being kicked out of a convention. This time, he was expelled from Twitch's convention, TwitchCon EU.

JiDion kicked out of TwitchCon EU

On July 17, JiDion attended TwitchCon EU to record his visit to the event. Despite being banned from Twitch, he managed to get into the event and spend time at the convention before being discovered and asked to leave. While standing outside the venue he live streamed a video on Instagram, informing his viewers about what happened and promising that they had got enough footage for a great video before being kicked out.


While he was kicked out of the event, JiDion didn't seem upset about what had happened. He claimed that he had been there for hours and had been on his way out anyway. He also bragged about his ability to get in despite his ban and laughed at what he described as poor security at the convention.

Despite taking some shots at event security, JiDion was nevertheless polite when an employee approached him to request that his friend surrender his badge for the event. After trying to negotiate to keep the badge, JiDion asked his friend to hand it over and they left without incident. He closed his video with a promise that he would be at TwitchCon San Diego and seemed to dare Twitch to stop him.

This latest stunt has some observers shocked that he managed to pull it off. This includes fellow streamers like HasanAbi who managed to get a picture with JiDion at the event. It remains to be seen if JiDion will follow through on his pledge to infiltrate TwitchCon San Diego and how Twitch will respond.