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Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide: How To Solve The Cave Puzzles

Most of the challenging puzzles in the "Resident Evil 4" remake can be skipped right over. For example, players can opt out of solving the hard Freezer Puzzle in Chapter 13 at the expense of a powerful submachine gun. There are, however, a few perplexing puzzles that can't be avoided.


Solving the two cave puzzles, for example, is a task players can't pass by. That's because players need the puzzle rewards to access the next section of the game, the church. Although that just leads players straight into another challenging puzzle, the stained-glass window puzzle. So, players shouldn't be too hasty to take off their thinking cap.

Players can find both of the cave puzzles in the Lake region. The first is noted as Small Cave Shrine on the map, while the second is called Large Cave Shrine. Here's exactly where the two cave puzzles are located in the "Resident Evil 4" remake and how to solve them.

Small Cave Shrine

The entrance to the Small Cave Shrine is located at the top right corner of the Lake map. After entering the submerged cave, players must exit their boat onto the dock to their left. Then players must head upstairs through the open door and note the puzzle device in front of them. The solution of this puzzle requires players to search for yellow graffiti symbols in the cave and input them into the device.


The first symbol is to the left of the shack entrance at the base of the ladder on the far wall. After taking the ladder, the second symbol can be spotted on the broken wall to the right. However, it is actually in two parts. Players must stand in front of the broken wall at a precise angle to match the symbol with its other half on the far cavern wall. Then, walking past the broken wall, players can spot the final symbol on the edge of the window. But like the previous one, this symbol must be matched with the markings on the wall behind it.

After players note all three symbols, all that is left is to input them into the device. The puzzle's solution, input in no particular order, is the three squiggly lines at 7 o'clock, the bird-like symbol at 9 o'clock, and the three connected chains at 5 o'clock. If input correctly, the door will open, and players can pick up Blashphemer's Head.


Large Cave Shrine

The Large Cave Shrine is located in the network of caves to the south of the Lake, west of the Mural Cave. Players must dock their boat and make their way through the winding cave passageways and up a ladder to reach the puzzle mechanism. And like in the Small Cave Shrine puzzle, players must input the symbols found around the room.


The first symbol is located immediately behind the player on the columns. This symbol is in two parts. Players must combine this symbol with the column directly behind it. Then, players must head back down the ladder they originally came up and look to the left to note the next symbol on the cave wall. Finally, the third symbol is to the right of the door, a few feet away, on a wall to the left.

Once all the symbols are noted, players can input the solution. In no particular order, the solution is the two adjacent chain links at 6 o'clock, the two curved lines opposite each other at 11 o'clock, and the tower-like symbol at 1 o'clock. After inputting the correct solution, the door will open, and players can pick up the Apostate's Head.