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Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide: How To Solve The Lithograph Puzzle

After conquering the Church Puzzle in Chapter 4, players may have assumed the hardest puzzle in "Resident Evil 4 Remake" was in the rear-view mirror. But another equally challenging puzzle awaits in Chapter 8. The Lithograph Puzzle midways through the chapter may seem impossible initially, but it's easier than it looks once the players have the tools to get through it.


In solving the Lithograph Puzzle, players may have felt something missing. Well, that is by design. Players must first collect three Lithograph Stones hidden around the room before inputting the puzzle's solution.

The first stone, Lithograph Stone B, is on a bookshelf directly to the left of the wall with four slots. The second stone is located on the opposite side of the room in a glass case to the right of the hanging red rug. Finally, Lithograph Stone C is found on a table to the right of the entrance door. Only after acquiring all three stones can players start solving the puzzle.

Match up the stones with the wall icons

The goal of this puzzle is to match up the three Lithograph Stones with the symbols next to the empty slots on the wall with four slots. Leon can do this by moving the stones to their respective slots. However, upon inspecting the stones and the wall, players will notice that the stones do not match the openings. That's because players can flip the stones around using L1 and R1 to reveal a second symbol on a stone's backside.


The solution to the puzzle is placing the 'Red Knight Helmet with a hexagon outline' stone in the left slot, then placing the 'Red Shield with a hexagon outline' stone in the top slot, slotting the 'Blue Sword with a square outline' stone in the right opening, and placing the 'Blue Armor with a hexagon outline' in the bottom slot. 

To achieve this combination, players must place Lithograph Stone B in the left slot, flip it, then swap it with the bottom stone, which must also be flipped. Next, players must place Lithograph Stone C in the top spot and Lithograph Stone D in the right. Then, without flipping Stone C, swap it with Stone D. Finally, Leon must flip Stone D to align it with the shield icon.


If the solution is input correctly, the way will open, and players can move forward. Although, they will only be heading toward harder challenges, such as the dreaded Freezer Door Puzzle.