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Hogwarts Legacy: Where To Find The 3 Hogwarts Secrets & How To Solve Them

There are three secret locations hidden on the school grounds in "Hogwarts Legacy" — The upper levels of the Clock Tower, the door opened by the Key of Admittance, and the underside of the Viaduct Bridge. Each of these has an associated puzzle that players will have to solve in order to access secret areas and get their hands on the items within. This is also how they will be able to complete the 'Solve Hogwarts Secrets' exploration challenge.


There is a litany of mysteries that players can uncover while exploring the massive open world that Avalanche Games has developed. It's one of the best aspects of the game. Players can spend hours trying to capture the Graphorn or searching for the hidden hedge mazes, but many have reported that these three hidden locations can be particularly difficult to track down and solve. It isn't just that they're hard to find. There are actually several steps to solving their respective puzzles, many of which require players to have gained certain spells and to have unlocked particular regions by playing through the main campaign.

Each of these hidden secrets contains special cosmetics for players to collect, but they also reward players by allowing them to explore the secret areas of the school's grounds that students often don't see. Here are the locations of the three secrets and step-by-step instructions for how to solve their hidden puzzles.


The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is located in the South Wing of Hogwarts. Those who use the Clock Tower Courtyard fast travel location will immediately arrive at the tower's location, though they will first need to solve a puzzle involving the giant swinging pendulum in the middle of the room if they want to gain access to the tower's hidden area.

  • Step 1: Players should stand in the tower's doorway and look up, just above the pendulum's medallion. There will be four plates with symbols on them along a beam that the pendulum is swinging in front of. Players will want to use the Aresto Momentum spell on the pendulum, right as it swings to cover the symbol to the far left. This will open the gates barring the door in the far right corner of the room. Players can enter and open a chest within.

  • Step 2: From there, they should go back out and open the door to the left of the entrance while facing it. They will need to use Alohomora to unlock it and then climb the stairs within. Next, freeze the pendulum in front of the symbol second from the left. This will open another door at the end of the walkway. Cast Disillusionment before entering as there is an eyeball chest within.

  • Step 3: Climb the next set of stairs and then freeze the pendulum in front of the second symbol from the right. This opens the door to the immediate right of the pendulum where there will be two chests within.

  • Step 4: Go back out to the same area and freeze the pendulum in front of the fourth symbol. Then go up the stairway on the opposite wall and through the two doors at the top. This will lead to the room containing the final chest.

The Key of Admittance

To find the Key of Admittance, players will first need to have completed the Niamh Fitzgerald Trail quest in order to gain access to the stairwell to the headmaster's office. They'll want to start by fast traveling to the Trophy Room location in the Grand Staircase area.

  • Step 1: Follow the round hallway all the way around and then head through the steel gate and up the stairs. Weave through the winding hallway and continue climbing past the staircase with all the green glass baubles until you reach the door at the top. Go through the door into the room with all the stone gargoyles. Then go left, up the spiral staircase to the headmaster's office. Here there will be a chest and a locked door.

  • Step 2: Cast the Alohomora spell on the locked door to the left and head out to the balcony. There will be more stairs leading to another locked door. Cast Alohomora again to unlock yet more stairs. At the top will be a study where the player can find the Key of Admittance sitting on the desk right beside a megaphone.

  • Step 3: Players should then head back down, past the headmaster's office, all the way to the hall with all the stone gargoyles in it. At the end of this hall is a door with an ornate keyhole in it. Players can now use the Key of Admittance on the door. Inside, they will find a chest and one last staircase leading up to another room containing another two small chests and a ledger with an animated quill.

The Viaduct Bridge

The final Hogwarts secret is located on the Viaduct Bridge. Start by heading to the Viaduct Courtyard in the Great Hall area. This puzzle is located on a large stone bridge with two braziers on either side of it.

  • Step 1: Start by approaching each of the braziers and then use the Incendio spell to light all four of them.

  • Step 2: Next, examine the brass metal plate on the ground near one end of the bridge. It will have several symbols with corresponding Roman numerals. The objective is to interact with the braziers in order to rotate their Roman numeral until it matches the symbol in front of them, as is mapped out on the plate. From the plate, the brazier on the front left should be turned to 'IV,' the one on the front right should be 'II,' the one on the far left should be 'I,' and the one on the far right should be 'III.'

  • Step 3: Once all braziers are lit and turned until the correct number is facing forward, the bronze plate that outlined the puzzle should have opened, revealing a ladder leading to the lower level of the bridge. Players who descend the ladder will find an area with two collection chests and a legendary chest.


This marks the completion of the third and final puzzle, so the Solve Hogwarts Secrets exploration challenge should now be finished.