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WoW: Siege On Dragonbane Keep Location, How To Beat, And Rewards

After a rocky start, many gamers are finally at the point where they can clean up some of the expansion's lucrative side content, like the Possessive Hornswog puzzle. Unfortunately, some of the content isn't easy, as players must satisfy some prerequisites before initiating them. Siege on Dragonbane Keep, for example, takes time and patience to unlock, but the rewards are great.


To unlock the Siege on Dragonbane Keep event, players must level their Renown with the Valdrakken Accord faction to level 5. Players can do this by collecting items or completing daily quests for the faction.

Once the player has satisfied the prerequisites, they can initiate the Siege on Dragonbane Keep quest by talking to Herald Flaps at [58, 76] in The Waking Shores. Once the quest has been picked up, players must follow the quest marker to [30, 78] and talk to the Boss. This will initiate the event's first stage. But players must remember that the event can only be initiated once an hour. So, players should coordinate when to start the event to prevent players from missing out.

Secure the fort

The first stage of the event has players escorting the Dragon Wagon as it makes its way to Dragonbane Keep. During this time, players will have to fight off waves of enemies. Players can feed Beef snacks found along the path to increase the convoy's speed.


Once players make it to Dragonbane Keep, Stage 2 begins. Then players need to clear out the fort's entrance and establish a base. During Stage 3, players must kill a Scalepiercer, a Wyrmeater, and several Djaradin forces. After the enemies are defeated, players are confronted with a Grand Flame boss that must be defeated to open the fort.

The final stage is a singular boss, Inferna the Bound. Once defeated, players can turn in their quest and pick up their rewards from Boss, whose located in another section of the fort. Although this event sounds like a large undertaking, it is worth completing for the rewards.

The first completion of the week awards players with an Epic Dragonbane Keep Strongbox that includes 250 gold, one Dragon Isles Artifact, two Primal Chaos, fifty Dragon Isles Supplies, and 250 Reputation with Valdrakken Accord. Subsequent completions reward a Rare Dragonbane Keep Strongbox that includes 95 gold, one Dragon Isles Artifact, one Titan Relic, fifteen Dragon Isles Supplies, and 50 Reputation with Valdrakken Accord.