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Super Mario Bros. Movie: Chris Pratt's Mario Initially Sounded 'Too Sopranos'

Critics and audiences may have had differing opinions, but there's no denying that the "Super Mario Bros. Movie" was a massive hit. Despite concerns about casting and mixed reviews, the movie smashed records as audiences fell in love with the characters. While Jack Black's Bowser and his extravagant love song arguably stole the show, Chris Pratt also won over fans with his performance as Mario. While initially the subject of concern and some roasting by fans, Pratt's casting doesn't seem to have detracted from the experience. Mario may sound less like the classic Italian plumber of the games and more like Chris Pratt himself, but SVG found that his interpretation of the character fits with the movie — and fans apparently agree.

While Pratt may have found success with a more low-key approach to Mario's voice, fans might be surprised to learn that he almost went in an entirely different direction with the role. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Pratt and Charlie Day, who voiced Luigi, discussed the recording process and how they developed the voices of their characters. As it turns out, both actors originally wanted to go a different way but were told their approach sounded a bit too much like a different, less likable, classic Italian-American character.

Pratt as a Soprano and Day as a Goodfella

Pratt explained to Entertainment Weekly that his initial approach involved a thicker accent but that this was shot down. "For a minute, I walked in and they were like, 'That's a little New Jersey. You're doing a Tony Soprano thing,'" Pratt said.

Fans may find it difficult to picture the jovial Pratt taking on a voice like the notoriously angry and aggressive Tony Soprano, and many will likely be glad he was encouraged to go in a different direction. Pratt, however, wasn't the only one drawing on Mafia stories like "The Sopranos" for inspiration. Day echoed Pratts' statements, saying that he was occasionally told "'Charlie, maybe a little less 'Goodfellas' in this one.'"

It's funny to think what the "Super Mario Bros. Movie" would have been like if Mario and Luigi sounded like ruthless gangsters instead of charming plumbers. Still, it's probably for the best that the directing team decided to discourage that particular instinct of Pratt and Day. The movie is a hit with fans who have fallen in love with the characters which can only speak to the suitability of the voices they ended up with.