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Mortal Kombat 1 Leaks May Prove Latest Fan Theories Right

Fans discovered earlier this year that "Mortal Kombat 12" is set to arrive in 2023. Now, if new leaks are correct, we're learning that the next game in the "Mortal Kombat" series is, indeed, on the way — but it's not actually "Mortal Kombat 12." Instead, it looks like fans could be getting "Mortal Kombat 1." This would seem to confirm theories that have been swirling since the latest series teaser released on May 10.


Early on May 11, the leaker who goes by the name billbil-kun tweeted that the next game in the series is titled "Mortal Kombat 1" and that an official reveal will be coming soon. They also claimed that the game will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch, PC, and next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles with a special, "Kollector's Edition" that won't be available for Switch users.

These leaks have yet to be confirmed by series developer NetherRealm Studios or publisher Warner Bros. Games, and some fans are understandably suspicious or outright disbelieving of these alleged reveals. It should be noted, however, that billbil-kun has a proven track record, correctly predicting news like the release of "Hi-Fi Rush" and PSPlus game lineups, so their word does carry some weight. It also helps that this prediction fits with fan theories that have developed recently.


Mortal Kombat 1 has already been theorized

Fans have been predicting that the next game in the series would be a reboot since Warner Bros. Games teased a series announcement that featured a closeup of a ticking clock with the second hand suddenly jumping from 11 to 1, bypassing 12. This led some to guess that it was hinting that there would be no "Mortal Kombat 12" and that the series was resetting to "Mortal Kombat 1." This idea was further supported by developments in the last game, as well.


"Mortal Kombat 11" and its expansion, "Aftermath," ended with lots of time-travel shenanigans that seemed to bring everything back to before the events of the original game. It appeared to reset the timeline and set everything up for a return to the series' roots — and even, possibly, an examination of characters from its mythical past. Now, the leaks from billbil-kun are supporting this theory and players are psyched for it.

Fans are looking forward to a reboot

While nothing is officially confirmed yet, many fans seem certain that "Mortal Kombat 1" is truly on the way and the general consensus is that this is a great move for the series. Gamers are thrilled to see the series returning to the past and are speculating about what characters may be introduced or brought back as a result of the shift. This move may even win the series some new players as some gamers say they'll be checking out the series for the first time if they can get in on a new beginning without having to learn a whole bunch of complicated, established lore.


To be fair, some are questioning the idea of a reboot and are generally skeptical of this news. Others argue that time travel and timeline changes are nothing new and not worth getting excited about. Still, most appear, at least, optimistic if not giddy for the new direction. If this leak proves to be true, it could open up lots of possibilities for the series and win over some new fans in the process.

Until NetherRealm Studios or Warner Bros. officially confirms or denies these rumors, gamers can only watch and wait. If bill-bil kun is correct, however, they won't have to wait for long.