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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom - Yes, You Can Get The Master Sword Early

There is plenty to do in "Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom," which has fans and critics alike leaving rave reviews. From the return of classic dungeons to the many puzzles (like the Orochium shrine), Link sure does seem to have his hands full in his quest to find Zelda and stop Ganondorf once again.


And his weapons? Yeah, they still break. Of course, players can repair them thanks to Link's new set of abilities, but it's still a pain in the tuchus. But the Master Sword? Just like in "Breath of the Wild," it doesn't break. That's why some fans are asking if they can get the Master Sword early in the game before Link acquires it through the main storyline.

The answer? A resounding yes! Of course, it isn't easy, and it requires two wheels of stamina to do it (and no — Link can't eat a stamina-restoring meal instead — it really does need to be two full wheels). To get the two wheels of stamina, Link needs to beat 20 shrines, and then he can get the Master Sword. Once he has the stamina, getting the Master Sword is as simple as finding one specific dragon and pulling the sword from its head.


Find the Sky Dragon and get the sword

All in all, getting the Master Sword boils down to finding the Light Dragon. The first way (and the one that requires two wheels of stamina) is to find the Light Dragon as it flies over Hyrule. Link can hop around the Sky Islands until players spot the dragon, and then jump onto its back. Then, it's as simple as pulling the sword from the dragon's head — which is what takes so much stamina.


Don't want to wait around, twiddling thumbs, while hoping the Light Dragon will eventually show up? That's fine — there are a couple of other ways to find the Light Dragon and get Link his sword. If he defeats the Gloom Hands and Phantom Ganon — and thus saves the Deku Tree — the tree will thank Link by marking the Light Dragon on his map.

Or — and this one takes a while — Link can collect all the Dragons Tears from the geoglyphs, which will also mark the Master Sword's location on the map.