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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom - How To Unlock Autobuild (& Why You Should)

The Fuse ability is integral to "Tears of the Kingdom." Players can use the ability to stick weapons together, build vehicles, and even create hilarious animatronic statues. However, building something truly amazing takes time and patience. So, it's no surprise players can get frustrated when their creation is destroyed, and they are forced to rebuild it from scratch. Well, turns out there is a solution to that very issue. Players may not be aware of a semi-secret ability called Autobuild that lets them recover their destroyed or missing creations.


The Autobuild ability allows players to save and reproduce designs on the fly. But it isn't found during the main quest like some of the other abilities, so there's a high chance players missed it. Instead, players will need to complete a two-part side quest to be shown the location where they obtain the ability. However, players can skip straight to the finish line, missing the quest entirely but still getting the ability. Here's how to obtain the Autobuild ability in "Tears of the Kingdom" legitimately, in addition to the cheat method.

Explore the Depths

To begin the Autobuild quest, players must complete at least one dungeon and finish the Camera Works in The Depths quest given by Josha in Lookout Landing. After the prerequisites are satisfied, players must return to Josha and talk to them to start A Mystery in The Depths. This quest has the player exploring the spooky and dangerous Depths, so Link should bring ample food and have strong armor before heading down. After arriving in the Depths, the quest marker will guide the player to the Autobuild skill. However, players can also just go to the area where the item is located and snag it without ever starting the quest.


To find the Autobuild ability, players must head into the Great Plateau and go inside the East Chasm. From there, the player will be engulfed in darkness, so it's a good idea to have some light sources handy. Then, in the Depths, players must head west to the Great Abandoned Central Mine. Upon arriving, players must interact with the green and blue construct the local scientists are working on. Then a tutorial will appear showcasing the uses of the newly acquired ability. But players should watch out, as a boss will immediately spawn after gaining the ability. After the boss is taken care of, players can access the Autobuild ability to their heart's content.