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The Untold Truth Of XDoritosaurusX

In the world of Twitch, it can be difficult for a streamer to stand out. The vast number of gamers vying for the spotlight can be overwhelming. But for some, the spotlight isn't necessarily the end goal, as in the case for streamer XDoritosaurusX (real name Marcus Robb). And while his initial numbers weren't necessarily on the level of the top streamers, he was consistently growing his viewership. But one twist of fate changed everything for this relatable and down-to-earth streamer.


Anyone tuning into XDoritosaurusX's Twitch stream for the first time would more than likely be confused at what they saw. The streamer, with his light green hair, bears a striking resemblance to Ninja (real name Tyler Blevins). And these first time viewers would be forgiven for needing a minute to understand exactly what they were looking at. Since Ninja's departure from Twitch back in August 2019, viewers have been looking for someone to take over for the streamer. And if they were simply looking for a doppleganger, they've definitely found one in XDoritosaurusX.

We were able to interview XDoritosaurusX to ask him about his recent rise into the spotlight. Here are a few things you may not know about him.


He's well aware that he looks like Ninja

For anyone discovering Robb for the first time, they may take one look at his hair and assume he's trying to capitalize on his resemblance to Ninja. The truth, however, is that Robb dyed his hair green for a different reason. Wanting to resemble the Super Saiyan God form of Goku from Dragon Ball Z, the streamer dyed his locks a blueish-green color. Because his wife, Christina, is a frequent beauty vlogger who enjoys changing up her hair, it only makes sense that Robb would also been keen to try different styles. The two even enjoy pointing out the interesting colors when they introduce themselves in many of their videos as Cosmo and Wanda from The Fairly Oddparents.


Because of Robb's unique features and hair color, it was only a matter of time before people began comparing him to Ninja. The fact that he streams on Twitch is just the icing on the cake. With Ninja's recent departure from Twitch in favor of streaming on Mixer, fans have been in search of a "new Ninja" and seem to have found a good replacement.

XDoritosaurusX will always put his family first

XDoritosaurusX isn't just a streamer, he's also a husband and father. Robb and his wife Christina have two children: a five-year-old daughter named Laken and a two-year-old son named Ashton. While Robb streams games like PUBG and Rocket League, he also shares his love of gaming with his daughter. He enjoys playing Pokemon games with her. Getting to see her discover each new Pokemon reminded him of his first experiences with the creatures.


Being a streamer can easily put a strain on family life. Because of the intense hours required to succeed in the field, many streamers have seen problems arise in their families. This is where Robb intends to break the mold. Stating that his family will always be the most important thing in his life, he's determined to always put them first. While he wants to be able to stream professionally, he's vowed that the moment it interferes with his family life, he'll pull back. He doesn't want the allure of fame to ever make his family feel like they come second.

XDoritosaurusX is a variety streamer who loves PUBG

Though Robb bears a striking resemblance to the Fortnite celebrity Ninja, most of the similarities between the two end there. While both men are streamers, Robb doesn't play much Fortnite. Instead, Marcus is more of a variety streamer, playing everything from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to Rocket League. Rather than focusing on one game, he simply plays whatever game interests him at the moment, making his streams an interesting grab bag.


Because his favorite game is PUBG, a large chunk of his streaming time is dedicated to the battle royale game. But while he always returns to his favorite, he's constantly on the lookout for new fun games to play. With the diverse range of viewers his streams bring in, Robb has also made it a point to keep his stream as family friendly as possible. Being a father has had an impact on his awareness of his language, so he's recently made it a goal to try to watch his language.

His day job is at an Amazon warehouse

Many of the popular streamers we're familiar with today dedicate all of their waking hours to their craft. It's becoming rare to find streamers who still have to deal with the hassles of a day job. But being relatively new to streaming, Robb is still working full time in an Amazon warehouse. Though he's said that he enjoys his current position, the idea of streaming full time as a way to support his family is the ultimate dream. 


Robb has worked for the past six years to be able to build his streaming computer, finally completing it recently. This feat has allowed the gamer to stream more regularly on a machine that will actually be able to keep up with the demands of advanced gaming, and his job at Amazon helped him to achieve that goal. With how quickly he's gaining traction in the gaming world, it's likely that he'll be able to stream full time soon enough.

His wife is a YouTuber

Marcus Robb isn't the only one in the family in front of the camera. His wife Christina is an avid YouTuber who uploads new videos to her channel daily. But where Marcus focuses on video games, Christina, known to her viewers as Tina, has a more diverse range of topics she covers. Tina's vlog is a look into her daily life as a wife and mother. 


Though Marcus doesn't make frequent appearances on Tina's vlogs, he can be spotted every now and then. In one recent video, Marcus and Tina attempted to do the "couple's yoga challenge," which saw them trying different paired up yoga positions. The results of the failed yoga attempts make the video all the more enjoyable to watch. In addition to lifestyle vlogging, Tina likes to place a special emphasis on makeup tutorials and her favorite cosmetic items. With a vlog that she updates daily and a husband who's breaking into streaming, you can imagine that their schedules get a bit crazy.

He's only been streaming since August 2019

Because of the recent success that Robb has seen, it may surprise many of his viewers to know that he only started streaming on Aug. 12, 2019. Though he has been interested in starting a Twitch channel for a long time, his old computer simply couldn't handle the strain of gaming while streaming. Over the past few years, he's been working on building a computer that would allow him to take his goals of becoming a professional gamer to the next level. Once his new made-from-scratch gaming computer was completed, he was able to officially start his life as a Twitch streamer.


Since his start on Twitch, he became an affiliate in almost no time at all. The boost his stream saw once people started to realize that he looked just like Ninja helped to bring new viewers in. Robb's laid back mannerisms and ability to personally interact with his audience will hopefully keep his viewers loyal as more and more people begin to pour in to watch the green-haired gamer.

Gaming became his escape as a child

There are many different reasons that people get into gaming. For most, it's an escape from reality and a place to relax and be someone else for a while. For others, it's something of a sanctuary. During his interview with SVG, Robb opened up about the fact that his childhood wasn't always the easiest. His father passed away when he was only four years old, and because of the loss, he had many obstacles to overcome as a child. As a result, he turned to gaming as a sort of safe space. 


As he grew up, his love for gaming grew with him. As it developed into something that brought him peace and happiness, Robb knew gaming was going to be a part of his life for a long time. Though the loss of his father still weighs heavily on him, Robb is glad that gaming was able to help him cope with some very difficult things in his life when he was still young.

How XDoritosaurusX found out he looked like Ninja

It's probably safe to say that there are very few people watching Robb who aren't aware of his resemblance to Ninja. But it wasn't always that way. The first person to ever bring up the resemblance to Robb himself was a woman who made a passing comment. While watching a Ninja stream, someone asked him why he was watching a video of himself, having no idea he was actually watching one of the most popular streamers in the world. After that moment, it seemed like everyone started to make the connection. Robb's green-ish Super Saiyan Goku hair probably sealed the comparison.


Robb has said that it's difficult for him to go out without people talking to him about his resemblance to Ninja. The moment a stranger comes up to him, he can almost always predict that they're about to ask if he realizes how much he looks like Tyler Blevins. While he doesn't necessarily want to capitalize on the resemblance, he can't deny that it's uncanny.

His grueling schedule means sleep is usually elusive

The schedule of the world's most popular streamers is grueling to say the least. In order to succeed, you need to be both consistent and constantly online. Streamers like Ninja and Dr. Disrespect have a strict routine that they stick to. Just like a regular nine-to-five job, these streamers have responsibilities they have to meet. But when you aren't quite in the ranks of the "famous streamers" yet, things are a little different. 


The decision to become a professional gamer carries a lot of responsibility with it. Robb has said that there are many nights where he only averages about three hours of sleep. Between working full time during the day, being with his wife and two children at night, and then attempting to get a good amount of streaming under his belt, something has to be pushed to the background. This usually means running on minuscule amounts of sleep. And while he hopes to find a more sustainable schedule in the future, right now he's willing to put in the work to build his audience.