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Rainbow Six Siege Kicks Off Doktor's Curse Halloween Event

Are you ready to get spooky? Are you ready for unspeakable horrors? Are you ready to take on the darkness of a haunted castle? If you said yes to any of these, then you're ready to take on Rainbow Six Siege's Halloween event, the Doktor's Curse


The Doktor in question is some kind of mad scientist who has been doing some not so ethical experiments on human subjects. As a result of his twisted mind, five different monsters are now roaming his haunted halls. In a new 5v5 mode, five Sledges will act as Exterminators, hunting down the Monsters with nothing but a couple hammers to help. The Monsters are undead, mangled versions of Lesion, Frost, Kapkan, Smoke, and Ela. They are unarmed, but still deadly and dangerous with a number of traps at their disposal. The Monsters in this mode are also able to momentarily turn invisible and gain some serious speed in order to escape the Exterminators. Monsters are just trying to survive this mode, while the Exterminators have more violent intentions.


The mode takes place in a reworked Theme Park map, transformed into a rabbit's warren of twisting hallways and cobwebbed corridors. The trailer seriously looks like a promotion for a haunted house attraction, complete with a Vincent Price wannabe narrator. It all looks and sounds terrifically terrifying, and fortunately, the new mode isn't all that's coming.

The event also introduces the Doktor's Curse Collection, which consists of some monstrously disturbing skins. There are also a number of new charms and weapon skins that look fresh out of the Doktor's laboratory. Did you miss out on last year's spooky season? This limited time event will allow you to add those exclusive skins to your collection, too, for a limited time of course. But in order to earn the goodies, you have jump into Siege and play.

The Doktor's Curse event runs from today until Nov. 6, so you might want to clear your calendar.