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We Happy Few's Final DLC Is Coming Nov. 19

We Happy Few released over a year ago, but only now is the final piece of Wellington Wells' story being told. In the final DLC, We All Fall Down, we will see if the townspeople can finally open their eyes to reality and give up on the mind-altering medication known as Joy. 


We All Fall Down tells the story of Victoria Byng, who yes, was at one point the game's antagonist. Due to her past career of maintaining the status quo, she would rather give into the effects of the drug Joy rather than remember her role in executing some... controversial events. The DLC launch trailer shows that she has woken up to the fact that Wellington Wells is dying, there isn't any food, and a nasty plague is spreading among the village. Armed with a whip, Indiana Jones style, she takes it upon herself to try to save the town from ruin. 

The DLC will still rely on stealth mechanics to get around rogue bobbies (there is a new dart gun, for instance), but there won't be any of the usual survival elements like eating, sleeping, and crafting to worry about. This comes as welcome news, because many players felt like the gameplay was stymied by the need for naps and snacks. And players had to be as quiet as they could for the majority of the game. This stealthy, survivalist gameplay didn't appeal to everyone. 


We All Fall Down looks to be much more focused on action, with Victoria Byng whipping anyone who gets in her way, and jumping from roof to roof as if she were part of a Dishonored game. The village looks bleaker than ever, too, with fires raging and bobbies hanging from street lamps. Whatever order Victoria maintained as Director of the Department of Archives, Printing, & Recycling is gone. Also, people are eating charcoal. Gross (and deadly).

We Happy Few comes to a close with the We All Fall Down DLC on Nov. 19.