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The Witcher Tales Isn't Getting A Sequel, Says CD Projekt Red

Get ready to get bummed, because CD Projekt Red just dashed the dreams of Witcher fans everywhere. The world of The Witcher is vast and filled with lore that players can better get to know through games like Gwent, and its spin off, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales. That latter spin-off will unfortunately not be getting a sequel, according to the latest news from developer CD Projekt Red. 

Thronebreaker is an interesting amalgam of Gwent, a digital card collecting game, and The Witcher, your traditional RPG. The combination worked well, and fans of both games found the tale of Queen Meve and her crusade against the invading Nilfgaardian Empire engaging, intriguing, and appropriately dark — as expected of any proper Witcher title. Despite it being so well-loved, making it onto our favorite games of 2018 list, CD Projekt Red doesn't intend to continue Meve's story. 

This news comes from a community Q&A session with community manager Pawel Burza and Gwent game director Jason Slama. The stream, which aired on Dec. 4, served as a roadmap update for Gwent. The two recapped 2019, talked about esports and coming improvements, and teased some upcoming art and events. Then it came time for viewers in the chat to ask a few rapidfire questions.

It should be noted that Slama was wearing an Thronebreaker T-shirt, so this is perhaps why fans excitedly asked if there was a sequel in development for the game. Unfortunately, both Slama and Burza shook their heads dismissively and said "No," before apparently coming to the end of the stream's allotted time. Like we said, bummer. That teasing T-shirt might've gotten a few fans' hopes up for an announcement of The Witcher Tales 2. No such luck. 

This Q&A also addressed the fact that next summer will see the shutdown of Gwent for console players. The console version's final update will arrive on Dec. 9. After that, if you want new updates and expansions, you'll have to make the move to PC or mobile. Thankfully, console players will be able to move their progress to GOG account via a website that CD Projekt Red will be publishing. 

It's disappointing to know that there will not be another Witcher Tales game. Its release was an unexpected surprise in the first place; no one thought that they'd be getting a 20-hour campaign for what was otherwise a fun card game. So maybe it shouldn't be surprising that the developer wants to put its efforts elsewhere. After all, Cyberpunk 2077 is releasing soon, and with it, CD Projekt Red will face new challenges and the demands of their forthcoming multiplayer mode. For now we have Gwent, and the upcoming Witcher Netflix series, to get our Geralt fix.