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No One Gets This RDR And GTA Easter Egg

People really, really want to see a Grand Theft Auto 6. Not that it isn't time for one; GTA 5 first released in 2013, back before the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ever hit store shelves. We're nearing the start of a brand new console generation, so surely Rockstar has something up its sleeve, right? Some Easter egg hunters seem to think so.


In Grand Theft Auto Online's new Diamond Casino & Resort, players have discovered a familiar friend is waiting to talk about the future. Madam Nazar was previously a non-playable character (NPC) in Red Dead Online, but now she's apparently made a home in Los Santos' newest, most happening joint. She looks a lot more robotic this time around, as she's not a human NPC but, rather, a fortune telling machine that can be purchased and placed inside Diamond. But it's not so much how she looks that is catching everyone's attention: it's what she's saying.

According to GamesRadar, if you speak with the Madam Nazar bot in the casino, she could repeat a very particular string of numbers: "1237645112." The digits don't appear to hold any significance at first; that is, until you think back to a certain character from Red Dead Redemption 2. At Braithwaite Manor, there is a girl locked in the outhouse who curses, promises to kill whoever is outside, and rambles on rather nonsensically. But she also starts listing out numbers at one point, and begins with the exact same number sequence the Madam Nazar bot gives us in GTA Online.


What does this little Easter egg mean? No one can say for certain. Some seem to believe it's a clue that could point us toward the release date (or announcement, at least) of Grand Theft Auto 6. Some simply believe this is Rockstar having a good time with its two biggest video game franchises. Whatever the case, we're sure players will keep digging around for more.

People are looking for GTA clues all over the place

And we weren't kidding when we said players want to see Grand Theft Auto 6, by the way.

Ever since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar's biggest fans have been looking for signs that the studio plans on making a sixth mainline title — or, even better, that it's already working on it. Countless pieces of "evidence" have been presented on various online forums, some have clung to leaks that turned out to be false, and others have even been paying attention to Rockstar itself; perhaps a little too closely.


When the Red Dead Redemption 2 banner was taken down from the front of Rockstar North's offices, the event was treated like a papal conclave by a few of the Rockstar faithful. They believed it was a passing of the torch from Red Dead 2 to whatever Rockstar's next game would be, and felt an announcement of that new title was fairly imminent.

That banner was taken down in August of this year, and we still haven't heard a peep about Grand Theft Auto 6, or any other Rockstar project, for that matter. So it now seems likely these fans were reading a little too much into the situation. That's not to say Rockstar is or isn't working on GTA 6; more that not everything the company does is in preparation for a majestic Grand Theft Auto 6 reveal.


It's often said in politics that sunlight is the best disinfectant. Sunlight might also be the best answer for why Rockstar removed a giant banner from its front window.

This isn't the first Rockstar Easter egg attached to a conspiracy theory

Grand Theft Auto 6 isn't the only Rockstar title players are hoping to see, and it's not the only one they've attached their Easter egg-linked hopes and dreams to. If you follow Rockstar at all, you've probably heard tons of rumors swirling around about Bully 2.


As far as we know, Rockstar Games is not working on Bully 2. We've heard from some outlets that the project was planned and then canned, but that hasn't stopped some of the franchise's biggest supporters from seeking out a ray of hope. There is what looks to be a Bully Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto 5; a painting players can purchase that features the Bullworth Academy's crest. And some really believed the existence of said painting could mean Bully 2 was in development.

But some went deeper. Another person took a look at the painting and decided that its Morse code message – which many believed to be "4DAN," as in, for Rockstar's Dan Houser – needed to be subtracted by two. Doing that (while also scrambling the letters around) could create the following string: BLY2. It didn't exactly convince us of Bully 2's existence, but it did convince us that many Rockstar fans drive around in RVs and broadcast shortwave radio messages about aliens.


We haven't received any news from Rockstar about Grand Theft Auto 6 or Bully 2, but we'll definitely keep an ear to the ground. Should Rockstar finally announce a big new title, you'll be the first to know.