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PS4's Spider-Man Fans Uncover A Hidden Detail

Most who've played Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 have nothing but good things to say about it. The environments are phenomenal. The voice acting brings each and every character to life. The story really draws you in. And the web-slinging! This is definitely the Spider-Man game to beat as far as movement is concerned. Insomniac really knocked it out of the park with its take on Marvel's insanely popular hero, but even more amazing is all the detail the studio put into things you might not even see.


Have you taken a look at Spider-Man's feet lately? If not, we suggest you load the game up and do just that. Prepare to be blown away.

Some players on Reddit have discovered, for example, that a lot of work went into Spider-Man's "Iron Spider" suit. If you're able to catch a glimpse of the feet on the outfit, you'll see where some of the paint has been scratched and scraped away. We're certain this is what Spider-Man's feet might actually look like in the suit, as he's regularly running along the sides of buildings and launching himself from rooftops. You may not have ever slowed down enough to give these small details a look, but just in case you did, Insomniac covered its bases.

The Iron Foot [Marvel's Spider-Man] [Screenshot] from


Yet another interesting find comes when you dress Spider-Man up in his "Spider-Punk" outfit. Again, our hero's feet come into play. Each sneaker Spider-Man is wearing may not seem all that special on its own, but if you happen to freeze-frame a moment where the two sneakers are side by side, you'll find their undersides come together to form a Spider-Man mask logo. Someone at Insomniac put some thought and some work into this very missable addition, and finally — roughly a year and a half after the game's release — someone noticed it.

The spider-punk's shoe soles make a spidey logo from

Based on these two discoveries alone, we have to wonder what other secrets Spider-Man might have buried within its open world. Players are no doubt digging around now to see if they can find any other tiny details that might've been previously overlooked. If there's one surefire sign you've developed a fantastic video game that fans love, it's that game's ability to keep people coming back long after the end credits have rolled. It's no wonder Sony dropped a boatload of cash to buy Insomniac Games; it's a studio full of immense talent, and having it work on anything other than Spider-Man 2 would've been downright criminal.


And speaking of Spider-Man 2, when might we see that game release?

Based on the reception of Spider-Man, many felt that Insomniac was almost guaranteed to get a crack at the sequel. Those odds went up tremendously when Sony acquired the company. We haven't heard anything official about Spider-Man entering development just yet, which means neither Sony nor Insomniac have hinted at a potential release date. But Imran Khan — who served for a long time as news editor of Game Informernot only believes the game is in development, but that it could release "sooner than we think."

That is very good news for fans of Spidey.

How could Insomniac possibly top its first outing with Marvel's web-slinger? There were so few flaws in the original that we're honestly not sure. One thing we'd love to see — though we're not sure how it would work — is some sort of crossover akin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What if there was an MGU — a Marvel Game Universe? What if Spider-Man busted through licensing issues and corporate nonsense to cross paths with The Avengers? That would seemingly require some chatter between Sony and Square Enix — and we've been shut down on this idea before — but this is Spider-Man 2! Different game!


On the other hand, what if Insomniac went with a more open-ended narrative this time around? Rather than relying on heavily scripted story beats, the studio could lean more into player agency and allow for dialogue choices and branching paths. That would suit the open world aspect of the game rather well, though it would definitely create a lot more work for Insomniac, which was arguably acquired to do more of what it did with the first Spider-Man.

We'll have our eyes and ears open for any news about the next Spider-Man game. It'll no doubt be a headlining release for the PlayStation 5 when it comes out, and based on how the first go-round went with Insomniac, we have high hopes it'll be another fun adventure.