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Every Helicopter Location In Fortnite

Helicopters are the latest, and maybe the greatest, addition to Fortnite: Chapter 2. To match with the secret agent theme of season two, Epic Games strategically placed helipads throughout the map so that these vehicles can find a safe spot to land. That said, helicopters are kind of agents of chaos. Not only do they attract ambitious players like flies to honey, but they are also ridiculously easy to get destructive with. They can crash into player-made structures, take damage, and even explode on impact.


There are 11 total locations on the map where you can find and fire up a helicopter. They're something of an accessory to the secret agent aesthetic and are therefore found at all five of the new locations that host secretive operations. You can find helicopters at The Shark, a striking island in the northwest, The Yacht that floats off the northeast coast, The Agency at the very center of the map, The Rig in the southwest, and finally The Grotto in the east. The Grotto's centerpiece is its underground helipad, after all. This is what originally tipped players off to the upcoming addition of helicopters.

But wait—  there's more. There's a helipad smack in the middle of the space between Sweaty Sands and Holly Hedges. More north, players can find helicopters in Pleasant Park, east of Frenzy Farms, and east of the Craggy Cliffs. Now that players can swim, you can paddle your way to the helipad on the larger island of Lazy Lake. Or, if you're in the southern half of the map, consider trying for the helicopter located just east of the Misty Meadows. 


Be warned: many other players will be trying to get to these choppers. It pays to bring a friend along: one of you can play pilot while the other is free to shoot out of the side of the helicopter. Have fun recreating your favorite action movie scenes with this new Fortnite vehicle.