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We Finally See What's In Those Warzone Bunkers

Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Warzone was released earlier this month and it has already brought with it a series of mysteries. And no, we're not just talking about why it seems like everyone has a different-sized hitbox, which is about to make Dr Disrespect stop streaming Warzone. We're talking about those bizarre bunkers, which someone has finally managed to break into. Naturally, this was actually accomplished by exploiting an odd glitch in the game.


A few days after the game was released, players began to notice something strange about certain areas of the map. In particular, Warzone featured multiple bunkers with keypads on the outside. Unfortunately, none of these keypads seemed to respond in the way they were supposed to. Some of the keypads allowed players to enter a code, but then greeted players with an "Access Denied" message. Then there was the keypad on the outside of the Gulag, which actually auto-filled a password and likewise denied players who interacted with it.

Warzone gamers on Reddit felt that the different keypads had to be connected somehow. There's also a theory that these keypads are somehow related to the ringing phones and stray laptops scattered around the map. Adding fuel to the speculative fire was the fact that the official strategy guide map for Call of Duty: Warzone listed several areas as "Classified." It all seemed to hint that Infinity Ward was hiding something in Warzone, possibly even in plain site. Gamers love a good unsolved video game mystery, so folks have been trying to unravel the secret of these bunkers pretty much since the game dropped. 


Well, we can finally see what's inside one of these bunkers, thanks to a glitch experienced by gamer Kingman124 and reported by YouTuber PrestigeIsKey. In PrestigeIsKey's video, we see that it's possible to see a bit of the inside of a Warzone bunker by exploiting a glitch with one of the game's reconnaissance drones. It appears that these drones can glitch through some cliff faces and get into the front room of the bunkers, but no further.

Unfortunately, what we can see through this glitch isn't exactly exciting. Some of the bunkers contain a couple of lonely light fixtures and another door or gate that seems like it could lead further inside. On the other hands, some of the bunkers simply contain a black void. It's not really the revelatory exploration that Warzone players may have been hoping for. Still, it's much further than we've been able to see in the past, so it's pretty interesting all the same.

PrestigeIsKey has a few theories, including the idea that the bunkers are part of some upcoming event. It's likely that these are partial constructs meant to get us hype for the next season of the game, when they will be accessible somehow. There's also the idea that the keypads are meant to open the exterior door and the second gate inside, so the proper steps haven't actually been followed when entering the bunkers through this glitch. 


As PrestigeIsKey explains in the comments on his video, "I would imagine we would have to trigger an event (like opening the door) to load in the [entire] area. When it is closed we aren't supposed to see anything anyway."

While opening the bunkers would be a pretty cool way to shake things up in the game's future, it seems like most folks think that the bunkers simply haven't been finished yet. The game is still relatively new and working out the kinks, so it makes sense that there are a few things that don't quite add up. 

One of the comments on PrestigeIsKey's video reads, "this screams 'work in progress.'"

In other words, while we've finally seen the interiors of these bunkers, we still don't really know what purpose they're supposed to serve. 

Video games are full of little hidden or tucked away oddities like this. Sometimes they can be left over bits from content that was never completed. There a ton of these hidden areas in the Grand Theft Auto games, like the bistro in Vice City that can only be accessed by traveling through a glitched-out wardrobe. At least Warzone players don't have to act like they're heading to Narnia in order to check out these bunkers.

We're definitely going to keep an eye on these bunkers. The different keypads and "Classified" sections on the official map are still tantalizing enough to hold the attention of Warzone players. It's probably only a matter of time before their purpose finally becomes clear.