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Capcom Postpones Resident Evil Resistance Beta

The beta for upcoming multiplayer game Resident Evil Resistance is currently available for download on Xbox One. The game is launching as part of the highly-anticipated Resident Evil 3 remake, so players who dug the RE 3 demo are likely very excited to check out what this new game mode has in store. Unfortunately, Capcom has some bad news for zombie hunters with a PlayStation 4 or PC. Thanks to some unspecified "technical issues," the beta has been delayed for those two platforms.


Capcom's announcement on Twitter reads, "Due to technical issues, there is a delay for the RE Resistance Open Beta on PS4 and Steam. The XB1 version is unaffected and is available. We're working to resolve the issue as soon as we can and will keep you updated. Apologies for the inconvenience."

Fan reactions have been mixed. Most of them actually seem pretty supportive, with players happy to receive the game in working order whenever Capcom gets it ready. Others seem less interested in Resident Evil Resistance in general. One fan commented that Capcom should ditch the Resistance mode altogether and bring back The Mercenaries, the series' mini-game mode. The Mercenaries has been featured in several previous installments, including the original Resident Evil 3. It was announced back in January that The Mercenaries would not be included in the Resident Evil 3 remake.


Though many fans were disappointed by the exclusion of The Mercenaries, Resident Evil Resistance is set to embrace quite a bit of the series' lore. Players will be able to take control of one of four "Masterminds," which are villainous characters who can send all manner of bio-engineered terrors after their friends in co-op play. These Masterminds include an original character named Daniel Fabron, as well as previous game characters Annette Birkin, Alex Wesker, and Umbrella Corporation founder Oswell E. Spencer. Though Resident Evil Resistance won't be considered canon by Capcom, it's still cool to see the company embracing the series' long history with this multiplayer experience.

Other fans seemed to be frustrated with the lack of a proper timeframe for when the PS4 and Steam beta for Resident Evil Resistance would be made available. Despite Capcom's promise to resolve it as soon as possible, one fan asked, "By delay, do you mean later in the day, or do you mean a day or two. Not really expecting an answer considering this Twitter has literally zero replies."

Naturally, there were also some commenters who were genuinely angered by the delay. One player said this delay made them feel less confident in the final product of Resident Evil Resistance. "If we have to wait to 2 days to play it idk what's even the point in playing it idk why game companies make open betas ... if you wanted to show your game off to the public everything would start off smoothly," they tweeted.


Despite this setback, hopefully the final product will be something worth checking out. In the meantime, Xbox players can check out the open beta for themselves.