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Where To Find All Of Aerith's Weapons In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Aerith is a kind soul who would rather be tending flowers than fighting, but that doesn't mean she's a pacifist. As a core part of your Final Fantasy 7 Remake party, she can also deal some damage. Connected to the core of the world, magic is her specialty, so all her weapons have a little bit of sparkle. Like her friends Cloud, Tifa, and Barret there are five different weapons waiting for her magic touch throughout the game.


Aerith will start out with a Guard Stick, which truly is little more than a metal pole. No worries, however, because it will serve her well and power up alongside her until Chapter 8. Down at the local Moogle Emporium, Aerith can choose to purchase a Silver Staff, which will give her even more specialized attacks, but be warned: her defense and physical attack will decrease as her magic mastery increases.

Interested in building a damage-heavy Aerith? You'll want to pay attention to some side quests, then. Upon completion of either the "A Dynamite Body" or the "Shears' Counterattack" side quests found in Chapter 9, Aerith will receive the Arcane Scepter. It does a ton of damage, but isn't that good with healing. Something to keep in mind when facing hard-hitting bosses.


Her next weapon focuses on defense, making her a wee bit tankier than a typical Aerith. You can find the Mythril Rod in a chest in an abandoned carriage near the start of Chapter 11's aptly named Train Graveyard. With this, she'll be able to withstand some nasty attacks. Also in Chapter 11 is the Bladed Staff, but this can only be snatched up if you steal materia from the rare and ugly enemy Eligor. Be sure to have Steal Materia equipped if you'd like a staff that increases Aerith's critical hits. 

Aerith won't have the chance to find another staff until Chapter 17, but the Reinforced Staff is conveniently located in the very first room of the chapter. This staff is all about support, which is typically Aerith's role in the team. If you decide to equip it, consider making Tifa, Cloud, or Barret your harder hitters. Fighting in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is all about balancing your party.