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Why StarCraft 2 Fans Are Excited For June 3rd

Starcraft 2 is heading into a new season starting on June 3, so naturally fans have been waiting anxiously to see what kinds of updates can be expected from the game. Well, Blizzard has just released a preview of the new maps that are coming to Starcraft 2 and they are looking seriously impressive.


First up, we have the awesomely named Deathaura. Despite the foreboding name that conjures up images of a hellish landscape, this map looks to be more of a lush jungle with pieces of advanced tech spread throughout. The description of the map tells us that it also features Acceleration Zone Generators. These generators, as explained by November's patch notes, "increases movement speed of ground and air units within the generated field by 35%." In other words, this jungle is only recommended for those with a quick reaction time.

Next up is Ice and Chrome, which appears to be exactly what it says in its title. It looks like a frozen-over metallic wasteland, but there isn't much more information on it at this time.


Then there's Pillars of Gold, which looks like its set in more of a desert landscape.  The four structures that make up Pillars of Gold are less connected than some of the other maps in the game. Also, as explained in the notes on the map, "The corner bases will prove valuable as vantage points and to help control the base located below it."

The final of the new 1v1 maps is called Submarine, which (as the name would imply) is an underwater area. It's also considerably smaller than the other maps, which means that battles may end up being a little more quick and fierce. All in all, the 1v1 maps seem to be designed for all different playing styles.

The new update also brings with it a few new team maps. There's the Nightscape map, which takes the form of a neon-drenched arena of interlocking bases. It's littered with destructible debris and the color palette has a very '80s vibe to it that should have fans of Blade Runner feeling right at home. 

Flashback is a more tropical-looking map surrounded by a large body of water. Some of the bases don't connect except for in a few small spots, which means players will likely need to memorize their way around the map. There are also "Inhibitor Zones," which slow down air traffic between bases. In other words, you'd better know where you're going and time your strategies accordingly.


Finally, we have Fortitude, which is a massive fortress style environment surrounded by molten lava. This feels like a very classic Starcraft or Diablo map, which should give many fans some literal warm fuzzies. 

According to Blizzard, fans can actually already begin exploring these new maps through Starcraft 2's Custom Games Multiplayer section. Blizzard will also be offering Starcraft players an opportunity to change their screennames free of charge. All in all, it's a rather robust update that fans are already pretty excited about.

It's still unclear whether or not Blizzard will ever release a Starcraft 3. Last year, the company said that it was waiting on fan feedback to see if there was any cause to begin work on another installment.

At the time, Starcraft 2 production director Tim Morton said, "The best way for us to figure out our future is to hear from players." In the meantime, however, Starcraft 2 continues to get even better.

Blizzard has had a rocky couple of years, but it appears as though the company is trying to course correct in a big way. The start of the year saw Blizzard coming under fire after the release of Warcraft 3: Reforged, which was seen by many fans as a step down, rather than a loving remaster. After the game was reviewed rather harshly by fans, Blizzard offered a full refund to all unhappy Reforged customers, no questions asked.


Blizzard has also made some moves that will hopefully make future World of Warcraft expansions more inclusive. To that end, Blizzard has designed the upcoming Shadowlands expansion to be more accessible for folks who aren't caught up on the sprawling lore of WoW.

Basically, it looks as though Blizzard is positioning itself to finish 2020 much stronger than it began. If nothing else, it's looking like a seriously exciting time to still be playing Starcraft 2. You can check out the new multiplayer maps out for yourself before they truly go live on June 3 and see for yourself.