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The Real Reason PewDiePie Rarely Collaborates

PewDiePie has been increasing his interaction with fans through his latest videos. Along with reacting to memes sent to him from fans, he has also started doing videos where he reads questions from viewers and fields other content submitted by fans. He will also occasionally take feedback from fans in these videos, such as when he recently considered the idea of giving his Minecraft save file to his viewers.


In a recent video, PewDiePie specifically took a look at "assumptions" that people have made about him, fans or otherwise. One of these assumptions opened up an interesting insight into how PewDiePie goes about working on projects with other people. This person wrote, "You really dislike most of YouTube which is why you don't collab with anyone new."

PewDiePie insisted this isn't the case, reminding viewers that he has collaborated with James Charles and Ninja. He did, however, explain that collaborations just really weren't his thing overall. Though he ultimately enjoys making them, they come with their own challenges. 

Mostly, Pewds explained that he just doesn't like the process of reaching out and getting the ball rolling on a collaboration. He said, "I think it's more the fact that I don't like asking people, 'Hey you wanna collab?' ... It feels weird to me. I don't know why. I really hate asking people for stuff." 


He also explained to his viewers that he is actually quite shy. This comes as a surprise considering what a boisterous personality Pewds usually displays on camera. However, as he said in the video, "I'm shy, but I don't like it ... I try to push myself to not be, but it's really hard ... and it comes across very obvious when I interact with other people online sometimes, and I hate it."

This video also seems to continue a trend of PewDiePie weighing in honestly on his body of work and being upfront with his viewers when they ask questions of him. In another recent upload, he addressed the matter of why he has found himself in so many controversies in the past. He told his viewers, "Because I've always had a very light-hearted take on serious topics." 

He also admitted that this didn't excuse some of his less mature moments. Overall he said, "someone that is as popular as I am should have seen [those controversies] coming. It was inevitable."

While PewDiePie is by no means leaving his lighthearted persona behind, it does appear as though the YouTube star has taken to unpacking his past. He even seems interested in rehabilitating his public image. It's a good thing, too. After signing a recent exclusivity deal with YouTube, he will likely be seen by more viewers than ever before. It seems as though PewDiePie has been attempting to evolve since he took a break from uploading videos earlier this year. In the months since he came back, he has addressed some other topics that have hounded him in the past, even weighing in on the the presence of misogyny in the gaming world.


Another comment PewDiePie made during this video seemed to really pinpoint why the YouTuber was taking greater care with his image. As he explained in response to one viewer assumption, "I think for the first time in a long time, I feel very enthusiastic about the future, my life, and where things are going to go next." In other words, PewDiePie is looking ahead these days.

PewDiePie isn't the first high profile Internet personality to explain why he doesn't collaborate with certain people. In fact, that kind of discourse is exactly what landed Ninja in hot water with many fans a while back. In an interview with Polygon, Ninja said that he chooses not to stream with female gamers because he doesn't want people to get the wrong idea or start gossiping about him. He also says he does this so that nobody makes any assumptions about the relationship he has with his wife. This didn't sit particularly well with many fans and detractors alike, but Ninja has stood by these comments.

Still, it's good to know that PewDiePie's lack of major collabs doesn't come from any kind of unseen drama. PewDiePie has had his share of feuds in the past, so it wouldn't have been entirely out of the realm of possibility. At least now his fans know that there's a chance he could work with another YouTuber or content creator in the future. All he has to do is not feel super awkward about it.