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PewDiePie Breaks His Silence On Cancel Culture

In a recent upload to his YouTube channel, PewDiePie had a frank discussion with his viewers about the concept of "cancel culture," in which a person is essentially "canceled" by their fanbase or the internet at large. Much like when he delved into the subject of misogyny in gaming, PewDiePie did not exactly mince words.


The subject came up as PewDiePie watched and reacted to a video from Jubilee called "Should We Cancel Celebrities for Their Crimes?" In this video, a group of people discussed the merits of canceling someone problematic or downright awful. The debate is an interesting one to watch, as everyone weighs in with different perspectives.

At the top of the video, PewDiePie makes a comment about how people are being canceled "left and right." He also jokes about canceling himself before diving into the video proper.

One of the points that PewDiePie stresses is that he feels that people should wait until a full story has been told before jumping to conclusions about someone's character. He points out that people have been demonized before the whole truth is revealed. As a specific example of this phenomenon, he points to the drama that has surrounded internet personality James Charles. According to PewDiePie, people are so quick to cancel someone that it seems like it can get in the way of people finding out the truth about a situation.


As he puts it, "Did we learn maybe we should point fingers before we know the full truth? No. No, that does not happen anymore. Those days are over."

Later on in the video, he gets much more serious. He tells his audience how nearly being canceled changed the way he approached his content. 

"From someone that's been through this canceling [expletive], I... I have definitely become so much more aware of not just what I say, but how what I say can be perceived," he explains. "Because it's not just what you meant by communicating something. It's if you can take a portion of what you said, and it seems like something else, that's enough. So that's how careful you've got to be when you articulate yourself."

This actually echoes things that have been said in the past regarding how people perceive PewDiePie. Jacksepticeye told Metro in an interview that he felt shocked by how people talked about PewDiePie. While discussing his friend and collaborator, Jacksepticeye said, "It is strange, all the stuff that gets said about him, it's kind of weird to see that being said about a friend of yours."

PewDiePie also tells viewers in his latest video that he is "done with drama," which seems like good news for both haters and fans alike.


Pewds isn't the only high-profile content creator who has rallied against cancel culture very recently. Just a few days ago, Alinity also took to Twitch in a rather emotional broadcast. Alinity has been at the center of a few controversies in the past few years and it seems that the backlash against her had taken quite a toll on her.

In this particular broadcast, Alinity spoke to her viewers at length about how the things that people have said to her and about her have weighed on her over time. In an especially honest moment, she pleaded with her viewers to understand that the things people say can genuinely hurt and stick with people. She also promised to "be better" on her own part.

PewDiePie has likewise been very upfront with how the kinds of missteps he's made in the past and how he actively tries to avoid repeating them in the future. Earlier this year, he stepped away from uploading videos every day, which he has explained helped him to recharge and kept him from quitting YouTube altogether. He has also explained in a recent upload that he feels that he has been "reckless and and not careful" in the past, but now he is doing his best to avoid controversies. It seems that the better part of this year has been spent in an effort for PewDiePie to clean up his image for many people. 


It's always interesting to see Pewds level with his audience like this. Cancel culture is obviously a touchy subject for many people, including the folks in Pewds' fanbase. Even the YouTuber himself has responded to calls to have him canceled in the past, which is why he has so many opinions on the subject. It's clear that the guy has had enough feuds to last him a lifetime. No one could blame PewDiePie for wanting to step away from any kind of drama.