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Xbox Price Leak Is Turning Heads

Microsoft finally threw fans a bone last week by announcing the Xbox Series X would officially be released in November of this year. However, according to recent comments from people with an inside scoop, it looks as though the Series X may be even more expensive than fans anticipated.


In a recent episode of Kinda Funny Xcast, gaming journalist Alanah Pearce revealed that she'd recently received a direct message that seemed to confirm the launch price of the Xbox Series X. In a clip from the episode, Pearce explained that someone working at an unnamed retail store sent her a screenshot of their work computer. This screenshot displayed a November launch window and an eye-watering price point of $599.

This revelation seemed to surprise Xcast co-host Mike Howard, who literally bugged his eyes out toward the camera. However, Pearce mentioned that the retail worker in question asked to remain anonymous, so it's difficult to verify the accuracy of the screenshot she was sent.

The reactions to Pearce's comments have been varied amongst fans. One of the biggest theories right now is that the price Pearce saw in that screenshot was just a placeholder. Some others have theorized that this price could have been leaked as a way for Microsoft to gauge customer reactions. Still, if this price point is true, it could potentially mean trouble for the Xbox Series X.


To put it lightly, there are a few ways that this could go poorly. There's always a chance that Sony is waiting for Microsoft to announce the price of the Series X before officially pricing the PlayStation 5. If the Series X launches at $599 and the PS5 launches at $499, for example, it could give Sony's machine a huge boost. After all, that's essentially what happened at the start of the current console generation. The PS4 made its debut for $100 cheaper than the Xbox One, giving it a sales lead that Microsoft still hasn't caught up to. History could end up repeating itself, especially if Sony is indeed playing a waiting game.

There's also the fact that Halo Infinite, arguably the biggest launch title for the Xbox Series X, has been delayed until an unspecified time next year. This news alone has probably impacted the Series X's initial sales in ways that fans haven't even seen yet. Adding this potential $599 price only complicates the matter.

It seems like things were already trending in Sony's favor, even before this price leak came to light. Market analysts are already predicting the PS5 will outsell the Xbox Series X by a wide margin. According to Ampere Analysis (via Game Rant), the PlayStation 5 move around one million more units than the Xbox Series X in 2020 alone. Considering both consoles are expected to launch in November, that would be a pretty hefty lead to achieve in roughly a month's time.


However, it's worth noting that some fans are still on board with getting the console, even at the proposed higher price. One fan still believed that the system's hardware would be worth the cost, even though the lack of a big flagship title might make it "harder to sell."

There's also still a chance that gamers will be surprised by the Series X's price point and performance when compared to the PS5. According to noted games leaker Dusk Golem, not only is the Xbox Series X "more powerful" than the PS5, but it may also turn out to be significantly less expensive than Sony's console. Of course, take this with a grain of salt. Dusk Golem also says that their inside sources asked that they not reveal any further information. In that case, there's a chance that the information Dusk Golem received is outdated or otherwise inaccurate.

And of course, there's still the long-rumored Xbox Series S (a.k.a. Lockhart) to consider. With mysterious white Xbox Series X/S controllers beginning to pop up in various locations, it's looking more likely than ever that Xbox is planning to release an all-digital console to compete with the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. A console relying purely on digital media would undoubtedly sell at a lower price point than the disc-based version and could sway some gamers who are put off by a $599 price tag.


Basically, there are still plenty of unknown factors here. Until Microsoft and Sony release the official price points for the next console generation, all fans can do is wait and see. The fact remains, however, that a high price point could end up being bad news for Xbox and its fans.