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PewDiePie Bests Dr Disrespect In Epic Showdown

Dr Disrespect shocked and delighted fans over the weekend when he announced that he would be streaming with none other than PewDiePie. The stream was originally announced on Dr Disrespect's Twitter, where the Doc tweeted an image of Pewds and himself as two of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout's bean characters. The hype began to build almost immediately among fans of both streamers. While the stream itself was a sight to behold, it did get off to a bumpy start.


As can be seen in the Doc's video recapping his stream with PewDiePie, it took quite some time for the two to link up for the stream. The two streamers attempted to join each other on Discord so that they could hear one another. Instead, they ended up spending around a half hour talking to one another through their streams on a 30 second delay. 

Despite the technical difficulties, fans seemed to really get a kick out of this part of the broadcast. One person even called this part "literally the best content to ever grace this planet." Eventually, however, the two streamers figured things out and were able to join up for the showdown their fans were clamoring for.

It's worth noting that this is the first time the two streamers have interacted since PewDiePie did a video covering the Doc's mysterious Twitch ban. At the time, PewDiePie theorized that maybe Twitch had let the Doc go so that the company would not have to pay him what he was contractually owed. It's unclear if the Doc and PewDiePie discussed his ban off-camera, but it certainly didn't come up in any meaningful way during the stream. Instead, fans were treated to five fun and fast-paced rounds of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout


Almost immediately, PewDiePie seemed to be better than the Doc at Fall Guys. This led to the Doc sequestering himself in the middle of the showdown for a comical pep talk in his locker room. "How are we losing, Champions Club?" he asked his viewers "Huh? ... We gotta come back from behind. PewDiePie is up three to one in Fall Guys. Are you kidding me? It's time to represent."

Despite this mid-game rally from the Doc, things didn't go as planned and PewDiePie ended up dominating the contest. PewDiePie actually managed to win three out of the five matches. However, the cherry on top was how PewDiePie punished the Doc for losing.

When the Doc lost, PewDiePie forced him to watch his most disliked video on his YouTube channel. The video was part of a social experiment where he tried to see if he could get a million dislikes on one video. About halfway through the playback, Pewds mercifully allowed the Doc to stop watching the video, which the Doc jokingly thanked him for.

The Doc seemed amused by the rapport that PewDiePie has with his audience and expressed that he was so glad he and his team had joined YouTube.

"Right? This is what you've got ahead of you," PewDiePie responded. "If you ever need any tips, you just let me know. I got you." The Doc jokingly asked if PewDiePie could give him any tips on "physique," most likely referring to Pewds' recent fitness transformation.


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout had a bit of a rocky start when it launched earlier this month. Widespread server issues led to the game receiving a ton of negative reviews on Steam, which some referred to as "review bombing." In the days since, the game's following among casual gamers and streamers has grown and the developer has teased wanting to do some kind of crossover with Fortnite.

Obviously the game is continuing to grow in popularity, especially considering the fact that two of the biggest streamers in the business decided to join forces to play it together. Hopefully this isn't the last time Dr Disrespect and PewDiePie team up for a Fall Guys stream. The two of them clearly had a good time playing together and the fans seemed to enjoy it as well.

Not only that, but the stream was apparently massively successful. Dr Disrespect has been pulling in some impressive viewership numbers since the first stream where he teased his return. However, according to some sources, teaming up with PewDiePie on YouTube may have given Twitch streamers a run for their money. According to one viewer, the two of them combined brought in around 331,000 viewers at one point. Meanwhile, the entirety of Twitch only had 260,000 total viewers watching Fall Guys gameplay at the same time. In other words, setting up shop at YouTube may have actually been the best move for the Doc, even if he doesn't have an official contract with the platform.