We Finally Got Our First Look At Fall Guys Season 2

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout took off like a rocket after it released in early August. It was free on PlayStation Plus, quickly becoming the most downloaded game in the service's history. On top of that, PCGamesN reported that the game managed to sell over seven million units on Steam. So yeah — it's safe to say Fall Guys is the hot new thing.


Now it looks like developer Mediatonic is ready to capitalize on all the game's momentum. During Gamescom's Opening Night show, fans got a look at what'll be coming in Season 2 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Yes, even though Fall Guys isn't even a month old yet, the team behind this breakout hit is already looking ahead to its next content release. If you're already in love with Fall Guys, there's a lot to like about what Season 2 has in store.

To start, Fall Guys is adding new rounds, which is basically Fall Guys-speak for new levels. There are some additional obstacle course levels, another course that appears to be for Egg Scramble, and at least one level for Hoopsie Daisy. If you're already a little bored with the courses Fall Guys has to offer at the moment, perhaps these new ones will freshen things up a bit.


Movable ramps are also joining the fray, and are sure to make Fall Guys even more crazy than it already is. Imagine trying to move a ramp in one direction while other players are trying to pull it somewhere else. Or picture yourself trying to place a ramp without inadvertently giving other players a way to jump right by you and leave you in the dust. There will surely be some ramp-related shenanigans taking place in future Fall Guys competitions. No doubt about it.

And finally, Fall Guys players will get some new costume options with the Season 2 update. "Fresh medieval styles" are on the way, according to the Season 2 trailer, including a knight costume, a wizard costume, a dragon costume, a witch costume, and more. There's no word on whether or not other costumes could arrive with the same update, but that's something Mediatonic could talk about as Fall Guys Season 2 gets closer to launch.

And speaking of that, you're probably wondering — when does Fall Guys Season 2 arrive? As of right now, there is only a vague "October" release window to go on, so you'll have to wait a bit longer for a specific date you can mark on the calendar. And as for platforms, there have been rumblings about the game potentially coming to mobile in China. Elsewhere, though, Fall Guys appears to be sticking to PlayStation 4 and PC. Sorry, Xbox One and Switch fans — you'll have to keep waiting and hoping.


It's sure been wild to see Fall Guys achieve the success it's had in such a short time. As mentioned, the game wasn't all that well known a few weeks back. Getting announced for PlayStation Plus may have been the first time some gamers had even heard of it. And even when that announcement occurred, it wasn't obvious the game would end up generating more headlines than the other free PS Plus title for AugustCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered.

Since Fall Guys hit the scene, though, it seems to have become something many gamers are mesmerized by. And streamers are definitely getting in on the fun, as well, checking out Fall Guys and leaving their typical shooters and strategy games behind. If you remain unconvinced, think about this: Fall Guys managed to bring both PewDiePie and Dr Disrespect together for some arcadey game show fun. If a goofy title like Fall Guys can unite the world's most well known YouTuber with one of the most popular streamers on the planet, it must be doing something right.

The big question, however, is this: can Fall Guys retain its popularity over a long period of time, or is it just a flash in the pan? That's something only time can answer. Perhaps Fall Guys will fade out, just as so many once-popular multiplayer games have done in the past. Or maybe it has legs, and those legs will keep on wobbling, jumping, and diving toward the throne Fortnite currently occupies. You'll just have to wait and see.


There will undoubtedly be more Fall Guys news to gobble up in the weeks leading up to its Season 2 launch. Be sure to check back for more.