Everything We Know About Apex Legends' Horizon

Respawn Entertainment has been diligent about adding new skins, events, and characters every season to maintain Apex Legends' status as one of the best battle royale games available. Season 7 is shaping up to bring more great content to the Apex Legends world, with fans speculating about the arrival of a long-teased map called Olympus and a new game mode called Arena.


While there is too little evidence from Respawn's official channels or in-game teasers to predict whether fans will see these new assets in Season 7, there is one addition gamers can more confidently expect. Apex Legends is likely getting a new champion, Horizon, a Scottish scientist with a strong interest in gravity manipulation.

Over the last week, Apex Legends fans have been greeted by Horizon in-game, seen multiple references to her in official trailers, and received quests that end with an official introduction. Here is everything we know about Apex Legends' Horizon.

Apex Legends' Horizon clues and quests

While some fans have picked up on clues that may have teased Horizon's arrival as far back as Season 5, most players first encountered her in a voice message that played on the menu screen. In the message, Horizon asks players to meet her at the firing range, where there is a video monitor near a locked supply bin. Finding these unlocks a series of battle royale quests for Horizon's Wee Experiment.


To complete these quests, players must meet three gravity lift keycard requirements, which Horizon intends to use to collect data. Once those three challenges are complete, players return to the Firing Range. There, Horizon instructs players to activate the two gravity lifts on World's Edge, as well as the two on King's Canyon.

Once players have found and activated all four gravity lifts, a final visit to the Firing Range is in order. Horizon finally introduces herself as Dr. Mary Somers and the locked supply crate unlocks. Inside, players find the Horizon's Test Subject Badge and a NEWT gun charm, a nod to Horizon's robot companion.

Apex Legends' Horizon arrival date and abilities

Besides Horizon's introduction quests, the only other evidence of her arrival comes from the Apex Legends: Champion Edition trailer. In that clip, Horizon is on a banner, partially hidden in another scene's background. Later, Mirage stops himself from mentioning her name.


While official details might be thin, that hasn't stopped the community from speculating when Horizon will be playable and what her abilities are. Season 7's release date is Nov. 4, 2020, according to the Season 6 Battle Pass timer. Based on how previous champions have arrived, that's likely to be the day when Horizon becomes available.

The community has also been making some educated guesses on what Horizon's abilities might be. One of the most likely theories is that her specials and passive ability are related to the challenges encountered in her quest, such as placing gravity lifts.

One of the Apex Legends community's prominent data miners, Shrugtal, has made their predictions based on code fragments. According to Shrugtal, Horizon will have a passive ability that eliminates big falls' shock effects, a tactical capability to displace opponents or elevate teammates similar to a gravity lift, and an ultimate black hole ability that sucks in opponents to deal damage.