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Everything You Need To Know About Apex Legends Season 7

As the weather catches up with the change in seasons, the content in Apex Legends catches up with its seasons. Apex Legends Season 6 is about to come to a close, and Season 7 will soon launch in its place. Respawn Entertainment has been hard at work producing new content for the upcoming cycle, and by the look of things, it is one of the biggest updates yet.


Season 7 is ready to burst with the vast amount of content on display. A new character, new map, new additions to the ongoing narrative, and much more are coming in for a landing in Apex Legends, and you probably want to know everything you can about the upcoming season. Look no further for all your Apex Legends Season 7 needs. This article will dive deep into the key features of the upcoming update, including when they're expected to drop.

When does Apex Legends Season 7 start?

Apex Legends Season 6 started as predicted on Aug. 18, and this time you don't have to guess when Season 7 will launch. Respawn Entertainment has stated in no uncertain terms that Season 7 — titled Ascension — will start Nov. 4.


Unlike previous seasons, which lasted around three months, Season 7's start date puts Season 6 at a slightly shorter two months and two weeks. But, that doesn't mean Respawn sacrificed anything to launch the new season sooner than usual. The update will open with the usual suspects, such as a new battle pass and ranked ladder. And, as is now Apex Legends tradition, you won't get any rest between seasons. As soon as one season ends, the next begins, so you can jump into the action as quickly as possible without waiting for the new additions.

While it's unclear how long Season 7 will last, it is probably safe to assume it will end somewhere within the ballpark of two-and-a-half to three months, so expect the season to continue until around February 2021.


Will Apex Legends Season 7 introduce a new Legend?

In October, word started to circulate that data miners hit paydirt; they named Horizon as Apex Legends' next upcoming playable character. While gamers have since uncovered even more evidence regarding the character, it wasn't clear if they were seeing Horizon on the, um, horizon or if that was just Mirage playing a prank on everyone. Well, Respawn finally confirmed that Horizon is indeed the game's next playable Legend, and she'll come complete with a heartbreaking backstory.


According to Horizon's lore trailer, her real name is Dr. Mary Somers, and one century ago, she was a brilliant astrophysicist who wanted to solve the world's energy crisis. Her idea was as revolutionary as it was nutterballs: create a new energy source from black holes. And, like all good scientists, Horizon put her neck on the line to create this new energy source, dubbed Branthium. She went to the black hole and promised her son she would return safely and with the cure for the planet's energy crisis.

In a plot twist, Horizon created the Branthium, and everything went smoothly until her co-pilot left her stranded on the rim of a black hole for 87 years. But, using the Branthium, Horizon made a safe jump back home, complete with "newfound mastery over gravity." While Respawn hasn't provided any skill details yet, the Apex Legends wiki lists some speculated abilities based on data mining, including mitigating fall stuns and sucking enemies into miniature black holes.


Is a new map in store for Apex Legends Season 7?

Will players get to fight in a new arena? Yes. Is it a never-before seen location? No. According to the Season 7 site, players will get to explore the city in the clouds: Olympus.

If you spent any amount of time reading up on Apex Legends' lore — and watched character trailers — you would be fairly familiar with Olympus and its importance to the franchise. Characters such as Lifeline, Octane, and Horizon were born in the city, and in case you didn't know, Revenant killed Loba's parents in a famous Olympus restaurant. So, while Season 7 isn't the first time players will see Olympus, it will be the first time they can explore it. Perhaps the playable map will even include the remains of the restaurant and Revenant's apartment.


Regardless of notable Olympus landmarks that may or may not make it into Apex Legends, players know next to nothing about the map save for one important detail: Olympus' official description on the Season 7 site states players should "watch [their] step — it's a long way down to the planet below." Sound advice.

Everything else coming to Apex Legends in Season 7

Normally, a new Apex Legends season comes with more than just a new character or battle pass. Past seasons have introduced new additions, such as weapons, maps, and events. And, Season 7 is no different. The season will include some features that have been a long time coming.


The biggest non-character or map addition to Apex Legends is Steam play. Not only will game progress on Origin carry over to your Steam account, but if you log in, you will earn three gun charms inspired by Half-Life and Portal.

While it's uncertain if Season 7 will feature any new weapons, it will include a first for the game — vehicles. Well, vehicle. To help get around Olympus, players can pilot the new Trident, a spacious hover SUV with room for the whole family. And speaking of family, Apex Legends players dying to create an in-game family can finally form bonds with their fellow squads via Clubs. Instead of queuing into a match and hoping to team up with competent allies, Clubs will let players seek out "like-minded" gamers they can rely on.


That's all Respawn Entertainment is ready to reveal, but it is more than enough to get players excited, especially those who always wanted to play Apex Legends with their Steam friends.