The PS5 Controller Easter Egg No One's Talking About

Video games are full of interesting Easter eggs. Sometimes the developers like to poke fun at themselves or throw out a fun callback to other games. Whatever the case, fans tend to respond positively to Easter eggs. That may be why so many people are excited about an Easter egg that is an actual physical part of the PS5's new DualSense controller.


In a post currently making the rounds, Twitter user @cinemaandgames has shared a zoomed-in look at the DualSense's grips. While it appears as though the DualSense simply has some kind of textured material on the handles, a closer look reveals that the little "dots" on the controller are actually tiny PlayStation symbols. Yes, the markings seen in the photo are actually little triangles, circles, squares, and X's, just like the buttons that have been seen on the face of every PlayStation controller since the beginning.


"PlayStation symbols etched into the Dualsense is LIFE," wrote @cinemaandgaming. "Loving this controller even more. Can't wait to feel it in my hands!"

PlayStation fans are pretty excited about this extra detail on the DualSense. Some are already expecting the etchings to give them a better grip when playing. Others are simply blown away by the attention to detail shown in the design. It's clear that the hype for Sony's next console and accompanying controller is even higher than before.

In an even cooler touch, it turns out that the DualSense isn't the only place where Sony has implemented this design element. UploadVR has also posted close-up photos of the PS5 console itself, which features the same kind of textured symbols on the inside of its faceplate. This extra detail may convince some fans not to buy third-party faceplates to customize their PS5s. While third-party faceplates would give PS5 gamers more color options, it's worth remembering that accessories that are not designed or released by Sony won't bear any official PS5 logos. Therefore, they would also be missing this cool Easter egg that ties the PS5 to the long legacy of PlayStation consoles.

What's even more wild about the excitement over this Easter egg is that it was actually discovered by some fans back in June. However, it seems that many other gamers missed out on the original reports and are just learning of it as reviews for the PS5 begin to trickle in.


The actual designs of the PlayStation controller's buttons have a fascinating bit of history to them. In an interview with 1up (via The Mary Sue), Sony's Teiyu Goto explained that he originally designed the buttons with simplicity in mind. Goto said, "We wanted something simple to remember, which is why we went with icons or symbols, and I came up with the triangle-circle-X-square combination immediately afterward. I gave each symbol a meaning and a color."

The triangle represents a character's viewpoint and forward momentum. The square resembles a menu or paper, which is why it's used so often as an interactive button when reading signs or documents in games. The circle and X buttons represent reponses of "'yes' or 'no,'" which is why these buttons also feature blue and red colors — the circle is basically a stop sign. According to Goto, "People thought those colors were mixed up, and I had to reinforce to management that that's what I wanted." The gambit certainly paid off, because the PlayStation controller design has become iconic.

Over the years, PlayStation has had a rather stunning transformation, and its controllers have evolved along with it. The original DualShock just had one analog stick, for example. While later models would add on a second stick and tons of other features, the layout of those four buttons on the right side of the controller would comfortably remain the same.


It seems as though this newest design element is Sony's way of paying tribute to the longevity of the PlayStation brand. It's also a clever way to show customers that some things will always remain consistent throughout the various console generations.

As for the DualSense itself, the controller has been receiving rave reviews from critics who have been able to go hands-on with it. In a review of Astro's Playroom, a PS5 pack-in title designed to show off the DualSense's various functions, Polygon's Russ Frushtick praised the responsiveness and intuitive feel of the controller.

The PlayStation 5 and PS5 Digital Edition will both be released Nov. 12, 2020. There have been rumors in recent weeks that Sony may be releasing DualSense controllers with a black coloring, but that has yet to be confirmed. If those alternate controllers do exist, hopefully they include the same attention to detail seen in the standard white DualSense.