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Resident Evil: Village Details You Missed In Naomi Osaka's PS5 Promo

The upcoming slate of games coming to next-gen consoles in 2021 are hype-inducing.

One of the multi-platform titles that's building high levels of anticipation is Capcom's Resident Evil: Village. The first-person survival horror experience is set up as a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. A few years after the conclusion of that game, main character Ethan Winters returns to a comfortable life with his girlfriend Mia. After experiencing a traumatic event due to Chris Redfield's shocking actions, Ethan finds himself trapped with a mysterious village located in Europe. And as expected, he'll have to contend with all manner of horrific creatures as he tries to escape.


Footage of Resident Evil: Village has been trickling out ever since the game was revealed during PlayStation's Future of Gaming event. The latest piece of gameplay that's been shown to the public came from an unexpected place: a video showcasing tennis player Naomi Osaka getting to play the PS5 for the very first time. While the first half of the video shows her enjoying her time with Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the second portion of it gives us some interesting details related to RE: Village's main locale, character maneuvering, and so much more.

Starting at 1:45 in the video, Osaka starts her brief playthrough of the atmospheric RE: Village. The game's seemingly abandoned, snowy village looks to have been inspired by the opening sequence from Resident Evil 4, which saw Leon Kennedy explore a spooky village of his own. Another nod to RE4 that pops up during this RE Village demo sees Ethan pushing a set of shelves in front of a window. Leon also had the ability to push objects in front of doors and windows when it came time to cut off incoming enemy assaults.


Judging by one particular moment during the video, it looks like Ethan will get to explore more vertical spaces. Ethan can be seen jumping from a rooftop and even hopping over obstacles, which is a move that should come in handy when being chased by the game's baddies. Speaking of baddies, the video revealed a new foe that seemed to be stalking Ethan intently from the other side of a fence.

The rest of the video also provided a few more sneak peaks at what RE Village has to offer. Healing herbs make their return, Ethan can arm himself with a pistol and shotgun, item crates and explosive barrels are present, and we even get a quick glimpse of Ethan's wedding ring on his left hand. The Tokyo Game Show 2020 presentation for the game gives RE fans even more footage to bask in. It looks like we'll be exploring a grand mansion, fending off new rabid beasts, and interacting with some strange village denizens sometime next year.