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In Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Be A Trash-Can, Not A Trash-Can't

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is finally out for PS4 and PS5 gamers. While critical response to the game has been positive, the title isn't without its flaws. In fact, players are beginning to discover a hilariously weird glitch in the latest Marvel superhero video game.


While playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales, some players are finding the titular hero being replaced by inanimate objects. This glitch came to the internet's attention when Twitter user @Bryanwassd shared a clip showing that Miles had somehow been transformed into a trash can in his playthrough. 

This clip of Spider-Trash swinging through the city skyline isn't the only example that @Bryanwassd has provided. Another clip shows the sentient garbage bin rolling down the streets of Harlem, patrolling for crime.

Since this discovery, other gamers have been sharing their own experiences with Miles being transfigured. One player found that Miles had become a frozen splash of water, while another person prowled the rooftops as a heroic mini-fridge.


Nobody seems to have figured out how this glitch works, but it seems to occur when colliding with certain objects in the game. At least, that's how superstar graphic artist Rob Sheridan described his discovery of the glitch, which morphed Miles into a web-slinging brick in his copy of the game. Sadly, the adventures of Spider-Brick were short-lived. According to Sheridan, the moment he started a fight as a super-powered brick, the game crashed. When he started it back up, Miles was back to normal.

That's not to say that people haven't been able to fight as inanimate objects. One impressive video shows a player stringing together combos while playing as what appears to be a dresser. This player quipped that they were enjoying using this glitch more than they were trying out all of Miles' alternate Spider-suits.

This trash can/inanimate object glitch has a chaotic energy to it that brings to mind the amusement caused by a massive bug discovered in the preceding Spider-Man game. Back in 2018, ComicBook.com rounded up a series of videos showing off a glitch that basically killed all character animations during the cutscenes in Marvel's Spider-Man. The result was a series of eerily hysterical sequences of characters floating in mid-air with contorted facial features. The moment when Doctor Octavius turned around inside his own body must be seen to be believed.


While this particular Miles Morales glitch isn't exactly convenient, it at least breaks the game in an amusing way. People playing Spider-Man Remastered have been running into far worse glitches, including one that crashes the PS5 when put into rest mode.