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The Heartwarming Tale Of How One Gamer Got A PS5

With the recent release of the PlayStation 5, gamers all over the world are waiting to get their clutches on Sony's brand new system. Because of the console's high demand, it feels like you'd have a better chance of getting something decent from Genshin Impact's gacha system. Despite the odds, one man was able to get his hands on a PS5 for his gaming buddy.


Been gaming with this dude for 15 years. Since Rainbow Six Vegas on 360. I have some good gaming memories with him. He tried but couldn't get one. Little did he know I was able to get him one. Looking forward to playing another generation with him. from

Redditor ghost_knight1121 shared his wholesome story on r/gaming where it gained a ton of attention. He explained that he had been best friends with a gamer he met over 15 years ago playing Rainbow Six Vegas on the Xbox 360. The duo became so close that their virtual connection became an IRL one when they took on the role of each other's best man at their respective weddings.

When the PS5 launched last week, ghost_knight1121 was able to secure not one, but two units. He later found out that his friend was unable to get his own console, so he decided to take a trip to give his buddy the spare system he managed to acquire. The result was a happy photo of the duo standing next to each other while his friend held the massive system in its box.


"I have some good gaming memories with him," ghost_knight1121 wrote. "He tried but couldn't get one. Little did he know I was able to get him one. Looking forward to playing another generation with him."

But how did ghost_knight1121 get so lucky? Well, that's just it: luck. Further in the thread, the Redditor explained that he was fortunate enough to secure a second pre-order of the system from Target, just in case the first one didn't work out. After he learned that his buddy couldn't get a PS5, he decided to keep the second pre-order so he could surprise him with it.

Trying to secure a PS5 is an uphill battle many gamers are currently facing. When the system was up for pre-orders, it sold out almost instantly. Because of the lack of supply, many have gone to eBay with the hope of securing a system, but buyers were met with incredibly high prices.

The PS5 has drawn strong reviews from critics. Despite its many positive qualities, there is one glaring issue that gamers are currently dealing with. PS5 users expressed concern over a glitch that occurs when you try to download a game to your library. Sometimes, instead of installing the game on the system's hard drive, a bug can occur that sends a game into digital purgatory where it doesn't download at all. The only known way to resolve the issue at the time of this writing is to complete a factory reset.


Although it has its problems, the PS5 still remains a Holy Grail of sorts for gamers. During these trying times, we could all use a friend like ghost_knight1121.