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Which Console Has More Problems At Launch?

New tech launches are usually buggy, and the PS5 and Xbox Series X releases were no exception. The PS5 and Xbox series X have been out for almost two weeks, and in that time, console players have reported a host of issues and errors across both fronts, some with fixes and some waiting on an official patch from the developer. 


The Xbox Series X came out on Nov. 10, with the PS5 following on Nov. 12. They both have 16 GB of RAM, but the Xbox Series X beats out the PS5 when it comes to storage, coming in at 1 TB to PlayStation's 825 GB. The two systems still have plenty in common, however. According to Tom's Guide, both consoles support "8k resolutions, high frame rates, powerful processors, and speedy SSDs." 

Still, as with all things tech, there are some issues and errors. Below are the issues reported at launch for both consoles, with fixes where applicable.

Xbox Series X

Owners of the Series X have seen issues logging into Xbox Live due to the strain on the servers from new logins, whirring and clicking sounds from the disc drive, some of which were fixed by orienting the console differently, and issues with playing games remotely from a PC, a feature Xbox has apparently cancelled.


There have been disconnecting controllers, which can sometimes be temporarily fixed by resetting the console. Microsoft is currently aware of several other issues, including apps and games not launching. Some of these issues have been fixed by resetting the console, or in an extreme case, uninstalling and then reinstalling a particular title or app. However, Microsoft is currently working on more permanent fixes. 

The most serious issue with the Series X is an automatic shut down error, which apparently happens when booting up a game. There doesn't seem to be a fix for this issue, just yet. This error is not game-specific, and can happen randomly, with the console shutting down on its own. Here's hoping Microsoft rolls out a solution for this one soon.


PlayStation 5

The PS5 most notably has been dealing with a bug that necessitates a full factory reset, which upset fans at launch. This bug would keep purchased games from downloading or transferring properly. Luckily, following a series of onscreen prompts will now fix this major PS5 bug. Another error caused PS5 systems to crash when put into rest mode.


There has also been coil whine. According to T3, coil whine is caused by "vibrations as electricity passes through electrical components." The sound is usually inaudible, but some players are reporting it as being very distracting. Frank Keienburg, game lead at Supercell, believes that a loose label inside the PS5 may be the culprit behind this common issue, and was able to fix it himself. Of course, T3 suggests watching Sony's teardown video before attempting to dig through your PS5's innards.

Others have reported games uninstalling themselves after being installed from discs. For now, Reddit user Randy-Lahey35 has found a fix for this issue. Finally, sometimes the PlayStation camera doesn't connect, but there's an online help guide to rectify this. 


All in all, it seems as though the PS5 may have launched with more bugs than the competing Xbox Series X.