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Dr Disrespect Adds More Fuel To The Fire

Since his return to streaming, Dr Disrespect has been making some major moves within the gaming industry. He has designed a map for Hi-Rez Studios' Rogue Company and even floated out the idea of beginning his very own video game awards show. Fans of the Two-Time Champion may be wondering what he could possibly be up to next, and his latest comments may hint toward his largest move yet. It seems as though Dr Disrespect may be making some kind of big investment in Call of Duty League (CDL).


Dr Disrespect has hinted on more than one occasion that he might be interested in purchasing a CDL team. In a clip uploaded by Dexerto, Dr Disrespect could be seen streaming a round of Call of Duty: Warzone when he received a question about whether or not he'd ever consider having his "own professional team." The Doc simply responded by laughing a bit and, clearly choosing his words carefully, he replied, "Will I have my own? Probably not. Will I be a part, as a shareholder? You never know."

Now it seems like the Doc was simply teasing further moves. In a tweet that has gained quite a bit of traction, Dr Disrespect told fans who he would want on his Call of Duty League team (if he had one). The Doc clearly has his finger on the pulse of competitive Call of Duty, as he picked one of the game's top players of all time.


"If I had a CDL team I'd sign @DKarma immediately," tweeted Dr Disrespect. I'd give him a Lambo with a Canadian flag on the hood."

Damon Barlow, a.k.a. Karma, is a three-time Call of Duty world champion, which would obviously make him a dream candidate for any pro Call of Duty team. However, Karma actually retired from competitive play earlier this year, so the odds of the Doc actually managing to get Barlow on his or any other roster may be slim. Even so, this latest tweet from the Doc has added to the growing speculation surrounding his CDL plans.

The replies to Dr Disrespect's tweet are filled with lots of jokes and speculation, but many of the Doc's fans are elated by the prospect of the streamer either starting his own team or investing in a pre-existing one. One fan tweeted a gif of the Doc flexing and said, "Get this man a team!"

Only time will tell how seriously the Doc is considering getting into owning an esports franchise, or recruiting Karma. After all, the streamer recently made the controversial remark that he considered fellow streamer Aydan to actually be a better player than either himself or Karma. As with all things Dr Disrespect, these latest comments could all just be part of the show.