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Easter Eggs You Probably Missed In Apex Legends' Newest Map

Apex Legends had a big year in 2020, with new characters, significant changes to its Battle Pass system, and an entirely new arena for Legends to face off in. After almost a year of hints and rumors, Olympus finally arrived with the Season 7 update, offering a gleaming utopia for players to destroy after they've cycled through the volcanic World's End and desolate Kings Canyon.


Olympus brought with it some game-changing new features, such as the game's first drivable vehicles, tunnels that allow players to warp from place to place much like Wraith's ultimate ability, and a gravity-bending new character, Horizon. While all of those changes were hard to miss for even the most casual Apex Legends fans, Olympus also features many hidden Easter eggs.

Fans have already begun to find the Nessie dolls that Respawn Entertainment has been hiding in their games since Titanfall, but Olympus holds even more secrets than that. If you want to really dive into Apex Legends' new map, take some time to seek out these amusing Easter eggs that you most likely haven't found yet.

Hidden clues hint at Olympus' possible future

While many of the secrets that players may encounter while exploring Olympus are just for fun, some of them might indicate changes coming to the map or the entire game. One of these possible clues may be featured on the cover of a magazine, as observed by Reddit user HardNoxLifee.


On the magazine, an unrecognized character is seen holding an assault rifle-style weapon. While some speculated that it looks similar to the Devotion or G7, others commented that it looks more like the R101 carbine from the original Titanfall. While it's highly possible that the developers simply reused assets from their earlier game to create set dressing, it's not inconceivable that the weapon could make an appearance in Apex Legends in some form.

Near the Estates section of the map, randomly placed flowers can be found among the manicured lawns. One section of flowers, however, seems much less random, considering that it's in the shape of an arrow. While that arrow does point toward the Bonsai garden, it doesn't indicate anything of particular value at this point, and fans wonder if it might be a clue to additions yet to come.


Allusions to Respawn's previous games can be found throughout the map

Reused art from previous games is one thing, but throughout Olympus, fans have discovered some even more overt references to Respawn Entertainment's previous games, Titanfall in particular. While that might just seem like the developers are having fun referencing their past work, the two franchises actually do take place in the same universe, so the Titanfall items and images actually make a lot of sense.


In the Gardens, you can find a house which contains a framed picture on a shelf. If you zoom in, it becomes clear that it is a photo of Graves, Barker, and Macallan, all three of whom had important roles in Titanfall.

You can also find a Widow-class dropship on the edge of the Olympus map, as well as a Titanfall drop pod in the Arcadia ship that is docked nearby. Widows were featured in Titanfall as a means to deploy and retrieve Titans in both games, and while Respawn Entertainment has stated that they have no plans to add Titans to Apex Legends, the appearance of these two items has had some fans holding out hope for a cameo appearance at least.

Hidden dialogue can be uncovered with the right character combinations

Some of the more dynamic Easter eggs that can be uncovered in Olympus depend not only on visiting the right areas but on having the right characters with you when you do, revealing hints that explain Apex Legends' story.


The easiest of these secrets requires only Pathfinder. A MRVN robot, which is a manufacturing drone similar to Pathfinder, can be found in Olympus. If you or a teammate is playing as the cheery, zipline-slinging robot, he will have some unique dialogue to mention upon the MRVN's discovery.

The other character-specific dialogues require the correct combination of Loba and another character. The first occurs between Loba and Bloodhound. If the two are running across the energy depot, Loba will ask Bloodhound if they are feeling tense, which may be a reference to Bloodhound's supposed fear of heights or an allusion to future content featuring both characters that Respawn has hinted at.

Last, if Loba and Revenant land on the top of the restaurant at Bonsai Tower, Revenant will ask Loba if she recognizes the place. This is a reference to the fact that Revenant killed Loba's parents at that exact spot.