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This Is The Easiest Way To Make Money In Cyberpunk 2077

Critically lauded Cyberpunk 2077 is all about player choice, but whether you want to play as an armed heavy who rips your enemies in half, a slick hacker who robs unnoticed, or somewhere in between, you'll need a good amount of cash to fund your adventures.


There are lots of fun things to buy with your hard-earned eddies — slang for Cyberpunk's in-game currency, "eurodollars." You can buy all kinds of cybernetic implants that enhance your abilities depending on your playstyle. You can score better weapons and upgrades, and faster cars. You can spend it on slick clothes and dope hairstyles to up your Street Cred. Or you can just spend it on life's essentials, like food, drink, or hard drugs. 

You can definitely rely on the old RPG standby to make quick cash: loot everything you find and sell it to the nearest vendor. But there are even more ways a savvy Night City dweller can stack up the eddies if you know where to look. Here are some easy methods to make money fast in Cyberpunk 2077.


Complete missions, especially Gigs

The simplest way to make money is completing quests, both in the main storyline as well as the game's many, many side missions. According to Gamepur, Vigilante missions for the Night City PD or "Gun for Hire" assassination jobs are both good money-makers. As pointed out by GameSpot, The Side Job "Human Nature" is particularly lucrative, and it's available in Act 2.


But if you want eddies even more quickly, look for Gigs. You'll find them as you explore Night City's districts, particularly when you visit each district's local fixer. Gigs are typically shorter and easier than other quests, often simple requests like stealing a laptop or taking out a couple gang members. Sometimes your client will have a specific way they want the job completed, such as non-lethally, and if you follow through you'll get paid even more. Not all gigs reward you with money — some just offer XP or a valuable weapon — but the quest-giver will let you know up front.

Hack Access Points

Even if you're not interested in playing as the "Netrunner" hacking class, it's still a good idea to hack certain terminals. Night City is full of gangs, each with several hideouts you can raid. The raid itself will net you cash, but you can still leave money on the table if you ignore the hideout's Access Point.


First, find the Access Point — the "Extended Network Interface" perk in the Breach Protocol branch of the Intelligence tree will highlight them automatically, if you want. You'll hack it by completing a quick minigame. Once you're inside, you can transfer funds from the gang's bank account into your own. The better you do in the minigame, the more money you make.

Hacking will automatically level-up your abilities, but if you want to make hacking even easier spend a few more perk points in the Intelligence tree. You'll definitely want the Advanced Datamine, which ups the cash you steal from Access Points by 50%.