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Loop Hero - What We Know So Far

Publisher Devolver Digital has announced and revealed its latest project, Loop Hero. Loop Hero is a retro-styled and card-based adventure RPG.

Devolver Digital is an American video game publisher that has recently found an incredible amount of success. Devolver, the company that also published Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, is looking to tackle its next big project in Loop Hero. The game is an old-school rogue-like game where the player strategically places terrain, buildings, and enemies. The game features randomized adventures, gear, death, and an infinite loop that players must end.


The deck-building feature definitely sets Loop Hero apart from other rogue-like games. It is unique and adds a different layer of gameplay. The deck-building feature might be enough for some fans of the rogue-like genre to consider it a hybrid instead. Still, the game will allow players to select unlockable classes and deck cards before departing on each randomly generated expedition. Loop Hero's Steam page claims, "No expedition is ever the same as the ones before it."

What is the release date for Loop Hero?

The Loop Hero reveal at The Game Awards had very little information regarding a concrete release date. The details were few, but what fans did receive was highlighted gameplay coupled with ominous narration.


Luckily, Devolver Digitial didn't completely leave its fans high and dry. The publisher noted that the game would be released in 2021. Loop Hero originally started as a Ludum Dare 45 entry back in 2019. It was a playable demo way before Devolver Digital stepped in and took the reins. The title received active patch logs to the demo version of the game until January 2020. The team announced that it would be their last demo bugfix and has been quiet ever since.

Loop Hero is expected to release early in 2021. Devolver Digital is generally pretty good about delivering its games on time, but with the current pandemic, everyone seems to be getting hit with delays. So fans can hopefully expect to see the game released during the first quarter of the year. The game is much more likely to be in pristine condition and different from the playable demo.


Does Loop Hero have a trailer yet?

Devolver Digital revealed its trailer for Loop Hero at The Game Awards 2020. The trailer was rather short, at approximately 45 seconds, but it gave rogue-like fans something to be hopeful about.

The trailer revolves around the premise of the game, saying, "Your world has been cast into a dark spiral." Players will have to place enchanted cards to summon monsters and build cathedrals. The narration states that the character will have to remember "their world," something that might be important in a game where the protagonist is tossed into an infinitely looped and chaotic world.


Loop Hero will have plenty of content for players to balance. The graphics bring back the unique flare of classic RPG games. Players will have to manage their loop runs by managing their deck of cards, upgrading the survivor camp, and managing the looped path. Loop Hero also mentions the inclusion of mystical items which will surely give players a bigger advantage. The trailer shows off some pretty nifty gameplay while also conveying the mission of the protagonist.

What platforms will Loop Hero be available on?

For anyone looking to get their hands on a rogue-like or rogue-hybrid game, you might have to get yourself a PC. Loop Hero is coming to the Steam store for its 2021 release.

Unfortunately, there currently has been no information to suggest that the game will be coming to either last-gen or new-gen consoles. Unlike most big titles, Loop Hero won't catch the attention of everyone. The game is part of a more niche subgenre. The chances of Loop Hero arriving on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S are very slim — but that doesn't mean it's out of the realm of possibility.


For console players who are really interested in Loop Hero, the PlayStation 3 was released with Linux support. There is a method to get Linux running (and thus run Steam) on the PlayStation 4, but it would require a brand-new PS4 with firmware 1.76. But for now, Loop Hero is only available for the PC. Fans will have to wait for a later date to see if Devolver Digital will release the title on consoles.