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Fall Guys Is Coming To Other Platforms, But There's A Catch

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is causing a bit of confusion yet again. It has just been announced that mobile version of the colorful battle royale title is on its way. However, there's an interesting catch that will likely disappoint gamers in the U.S.


Pretty much ever since Fall Guys first released for the PlayStation 4 and PC, gamers have been wondering if and when it could make its way to the Xbox One. The game caused a bit of a commotion when it was released for free on launch day to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Since then, the game has gained massive popularity among streamers and casual gamers alike. Some streamers, like TimTheTatman, have discovered that they are truly bad at playing Fall Guys. However, that hasn't stopped them from trying round after round, just for laughs. Dr Disrespect has even gotten in on the fun, streaming the game with both PewDiePie and PUBG pro Sc0ut

Now, it seems that Fall Guys is finally making the move to a mobile platform. Unfortunately for gamers in the United States, the mobile version of Fall Guys is headed exclusively to China — at least for the time being.


The news seemingly broke in the United States thanks to games industry analyst Daniel Ahmad. According to Ahmad, the mobile version of Fall Guys has been licensed by Chinese entertainment company Bilibili. Apparently, this license is only for a mobile release of the game, but there are a few reasons why that is such a huge deal. For one thing, as pointed out by Ahmad, it means that China will be getting a mobile version of the hugely popular battle royale game well before the United States does.

"I think this is the first official confirmation of a mobile version of the game being in development?" tweeted Ahmad. "Not too surprising to see. But interesting that the China announcement has come first with seemingly no confirmation of a mobile version for the West."

What's especially odd about this announcement is the fact that the Fall Guys team has recently spoken out against mobile versions of the game that have begun popping up on social media. Just a few days ago, the Fall Guys Twitter account shared a photo of a bootleg version of Fall Guys that was being advertised for mobile. The Twitter account mentioned that this was clearly a scam, helpfully pointing out some of the ways that gamers can tell if it's legit or not.


As pointed out specifically by the Fall Guys Twitter account, many of these so-called mobile ports are advertised by people literally playing a video of the game on their mobile devices. This is done to fool people into believing that the game is actually running on a phone or tablet. However, people paying closer attention will be able to note that these advertisements seem to feature mouse cursors on the game's screen. This proves that the phone being shown in these advertisements is just playing a video of Fall Guys and not the game itself.

Unfortunately, a bunch of people have apparently fallen for this ruse, which has led to the Fall Guys Twitter account concluding, "I don't want to live on this planet anymore ... Yeet me into the sun."

Considering how adamant this account was in pointing out that Fall Guys is only available for the PlayStation 4 and PC, it's easy to wonder why a mobile version might already be coming to China. It may have something to do with Fall Guys' rocky start.

Fall Guys had a bit of a rough launch. The game's servers were overwhelmed pretty much right out of the gate, which resulted in tons of people being unable to join matches. This led to overwhelming negative reviews for the game on launch day, but those kinks have since been worked out. Perhaps releasing the game in China will give the Fall Guys team time to smooth out any issues with the game's mobile matchmaking before bringing it over to the States. China would certainly make one heck of a test market, expanding the player base exponentially.


It should be reiterated that this is only a theory. Still, it would make a lot of sense for the mobile version to be tested in other territories, particularly after the launch version of the game received such heavy criticism. Hopefully fans in the U.S. won't have to wait too terribly long to play Fall Guys on mobile devices. The game's loose controls and wacky style makes it perfect for mobile gaming. Also, if Fortnite has proven anything, it's that battle royale games can still make a ton of bank through mobile sales. Fall Guys would be smart to follow suit.