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Everything We Know About SNK's New Console

It's no easy task bringing a new console onto the scene in this stage of gaming history. With Sony and Microsoft competing for dominance in technical specs and Nintendo merging portable and home gaming into one system, even the big three have to get creative to keep console gaming relevant. As cloud gaming and digital purchases take over, the viability of new consoles diminishes.


Even so, some companies are brave enough to venture into this highly traveled frontier. One example is Intellivision's attempt to make a triumphant return with its upcoming Amico system.

SNK fans who were thrilled that Terry Bogard found a home on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate should be excited to learn that he may find another home on a new system. That's right! SNK has a new console set to release in 2021. 

What exactly will this system be? Will SNK put out yet another retro mini? Will gamers get to see new installments of fan favorites like Metal Slug and Fatal Fury? Here's everything that's currently known about the upcoming SNK system.

SNK enters the ring

As recently announced on Twitter, SNK will launch a new console in 2021 that will "bridge the needs between passionate fans and console gaming enthusiasts!" That's an exciting statement and an awesome sentiment, but nothing else was mentioned beyond that. Because this is such a fresh announcement, more details will hopefully come to light sooner rather than later. In the meantime, fans can speculate.


Over on TheGamer, Sean Murray offered a few theories of his own, suggesting that the new system will have Wi-Fi capabilities due to the symbol included in the announcement. A Twitter user also picked up on this detail, warning, "Be careful when using this symbol, if the console doesn't allow people to play multiplayer online hopes will be broken." Putting out a system in 2021 without Wi-Fi capability, however, seems rather unlikely. Murray also believes that the new SNK unit will be branded as a "Neo-Geo" and that it could function as a cloud-gaming service similar to Google Stadia

With all the trouble that Sony and Microsoft have had during the new generation, could SNK have an opportunity to snag a victory? Gamers will have to see what's in store in 2021.