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Genshin Impact's Next Event Raises More Questions Than Answers

The open-world fantasy hit Genshin Impact looks poised to close out 2020 on a strong note. Recent details about the game's Dec. 23 update have revealed that it will add Genshin Impact's first significant expansion, Dragonspine. Today, developer miHoYo also announced a quiz event arriving on Dec. 18 called "A Thousand Questions With Paimon," although the lack of details surrounding it have kicked off questions among fans already.


Paimon announced the upcoming event herself via the Genshin Impact Twitter feed. She introduced the event by noting, "Having experienced many unforgettable adventures in Teyvat, Travelers must've learned a lot about the world by now!" The tweet also explains that the contest will begin on Dec. 18 and offer fans a chance to win mora, an in-game currency.

Fans got into the spirit of the event by posting their own questions about what the event would look like on Reddit and Twitter. The most common inquiry was regarding the potential rewards for the event and whether they might also include primogems. This is the currency used to roll for wishes, which can potentially deliver high-tier characters. However, other fans on social media were quick to point out that miHoYo explicitly stated that mora would be the only reward, making surprise primogems much more unlikely.


While fans will ultimately have to wait and see what format A Thousand Questions With Paimon will take, some previous and ongoing events might offer some clues. Fans may be wondering how Genshin Impact players will interact with these questions when they go live. Will fans answer them in-game or through an outside browser? 

Previously, an event hosted by characters Childe and Zhongli called Stone Harbor Treasure Journal sent gamers missions through the in-game inbox. Those missions linked to real websites, and players would use their browsers to complete tasks and receive in-game rewards, including primogems.

However, the structure for the upcoming event could be entirely in-game, such as the currently running While It's Warm event, where players deliver food around Teyvat for rewards. Perhaps players will answer (or ask) Paimon questions by finding her in the game. This might also offer an opportunity to interact with her in the world a bit more than players can during her brief guiding appearances in Genshin Impact's stories and quests.

Genshin Impact has enjoyed a great first few months, impressing critics and raking in awards. Players will have a chance to put their knowledge of the expansive fantasy world to the test when A Thousand Questions With Paimon goes live on Dec. 18.