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Glitch Gives Switch Players Early Access To Next Among Us Map

Among Us players on Nintendo Switch have gained an interesting advantage, thanks to a glitch. Just hours after InnerSloth's hit social deception game joined the Nintendo console, players discovered that they can actually access the upcoming new map, the Airship, early. The map isn't slated to be released until some time in the beginning of 2021.


Joey Ferris of GameXplain shared a video explaining the glitch and how Nintendo Switch players can check out the new Among Us map for themselves. Simply create a game via the "Local" option on the game's menu and select the Airship map, then exit the lobby and choose "Online" to host a room, but do not select a map this time. Once four players join, you will be able to load into the Airship map. It's not clear if InnerSloth is working on a patch for this glitch, so curious fans may want to try it out as soon as possible.

It's important to note that while you can explore the new map, the Airship is not exactly playable yet. Ferris said that the map appears to be unfinished, as crewmates warp through background elements to appear in the foreground. Additionally, when playing a minigame, users can get locked into it. The GameXplain video showcased a moment where his character tried to perform a new task involving a percentage, but the percentage simply continued to move up and down, even going into negative digits.


Despite its unfinished state, Ferris said the Airship is an "exciting" map that even includes a few Easter eggs, such as the energy sword from Halo. He also shared a few sneak peeks at never-before-seen tasks, including one that seemed to involve locating a cell phone signal.

Nintendo surprised fans on Monday at the end of the Indie World showcase with the announcement that Among Us would be available on the Switch immediately. Available for $5 on the Nintendo eShop, Among Us is cross-platform and compatible with all three of the Switch's play modes. Today, the game also joins Xbox Game Pass for PC. 

Among Us players have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Airship since InnerSloth revealed a teaser for the map at The Game Awards 2020. The video showed a spacious and colorful map with ladders and moving platforms, new tasks, and even some new skins slated to join the game next year. Plus, players can finally select the room that they start in after meetings. In the meantime, lucky Nintendo Switch users should take advantage of checking out the Airship glitch while they have the chance.