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How To Unlock Fortnite's Wakandan Salute Emote

Fortnite has been dipping a toe in Marvel waters for months now by introducing various Marvel characters into the game, even featuring Marvel villains like Galactus. More recently, Fortnite has honored Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman, who tragically passed away after a battle with cancer earlier this year. While Fortnite gave a nod to Boseman's contributions to the Marvel franchise with a hidden statue in game, players can now obtain a new emote to more publicly show their appreciation.

The Wakandan Salute is an emote depicting the motion of the same name from Black Panther, and shows the player with their arms crossed over their chest.

A December 21 tweet from the official Fortnite Twitter account explains that the Wakandan Salute emote is free, and that there are three new Wakanda Forever Quests within Fortnite to accompany the emote. Players can share photos of their avatar performing the Wakandan Salute via the hashtag #fortography for a chance to be featured on Fortnite's Twitter account.

How to get the new emote

While Fortnite's Twitter account announced that the emote would be free, it didn't specifically explain how to get it. No fear, here's the information you need to send up a salute to Chadwick Boseman and let Wakanda reign forever.

In order to earn the new Wakanda Forever emote, players have from Dec. 21 until Jan. 12, 2021 to complete three themed challenges. The three challenges ask gamers to play 10 matches, outlast 500 opponents, and play 5 duo or squad matches. After completing all three quests, players will unlock the Wakandan Salute for free. Players can use their Quest Log to track these Black Panther-specific quests, letting them know exactly how many they have completed so far. You can also search for the Black Panther quests specifically in the quests menu.

These quests can be completed by playing the game, and you'll even earn some experience for your trouble, making the Black Panther quests a win-win situation.