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Fortnite May Have A Major Map Change On The Way

Fortnite's latest season has already been filled with a ton of new features and surprises, and there's plenty more to come. A reliable data miner revealed this week that it appears a new map change may be coming to Epic Games' battle royale soon. Specifically, it looks like Fortnite's Colossal Coliseum is getting a watery variation.


A data miner by the name of Mang0e shared on Twitter two images of the Coliseum, a new location in Season 5. One image showed the once-sandy area filled with water and surrounded by docks as two large ships floated in the center. Meanwhile, the second snap showed the original Coliseum layout, an arena filled with small, random structures and surrounded by staircases. "A new variant was added for the Coliseum in 15.10, but I don't think it's being used in-game yet," Mang0e wrote.

Mang0e went on to share in another tweet that "they used to fill the real Coliseum with water and have massive ship battles for audience entertainment." These simulated naval battles in the real Colosseum, known as naumachiae, can be traced back to 86 AD as Romans allegedly performed a sea fight in the amphitheater.


As GameRant noted, if this variation does come to Fortnite, it will likely mean a change in how loot spawns work, since the previously playable sandy area would essentially be replaced by these two ships. Plus, as one user in the replies to Mang0e's tweets joked, "Just what we need, bouncy fights in the coliseum." That's a fair point, because such a map variation would likely mean some interesting battle strategy changes for players.

The potential map variation isn't the only feature to fall into the hands of data miners recently. Last week, Fortnite leaker HYPEX revealed that Fortnite's NPCs may offer even more useful services to players in the future. According to HYPEX's tweet, NPCs could potentially buy loot from players or offer a supply drop for 600 gold. If this is true, it means that players would have even more opportunities to collect currency and battle supplies during matches. This is in addition to the services that Fortnite's current 40 NPCs offer, including weapon upgrades and protection in exchange for the season's new currency, gold bars

Fortnite Chaptr 2 – Season 5 focuses on the Zero Point, which was left exposed during the epic battle between players and Marvel's Galactus at the end of Season 4. Agent Jonesy has recruited bounty hunters from different realms to protect the island, meaning a ton of crossovers with other pop culture figures, including Star Wars' The Mandalorian and God of War's Kratos.


The season is only just getting started, so even more twists and upgrades are likely on their way. Gamers will have to keep an eye out for any changes to the Colossal Coliseum.