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The Internet Presents The Roast Of GTA 5's Franklin

Everyone loves a good roast. It's a fun way to let down your guard and allow others to give you a good-natured ribbing. Well, as long as it's friendly, and not completely brutal. Recently, gamers have come together to enjoy a meme-worthy roasting of Franklin Clinton from Grand Theft Auto 5. Why has such an unusual fad suddenly popped up when GTA 5 has been around since 2013?


It began with a humorous mod that replaced GTA 5's Lamar with Dragon Ball Z's Cell, placing him in the famous scene where he mercilessly makes fun of Franklin. The extremely NSFW video of this scene (which even includes modified dialogue that makes DBZ references) went viral, inspiring fans to get creative with the verbal beatdowns.

At first, modders were taking the opportunity to reimagine the scene between Lamar and Franklin, but then the meme expanded beyond the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Soon enough, Franklin was getting roasted by the likes of Scarface, Darth Vader, and even Kermit the Frog.

As Polygon's Patricia Hernandez pointed out, this isn't the first time gamers have altered the scene in question, however, the trend has seen a resurgence over the last month. Since then, the meme has had time to expand into unusual, surrealistic territory. After all, when you have a motorcycle hassling you, you know you have problems.


Gamers have been anxiously awaiting a new entry in the GTA series for quite some time now. Many were disappointed when they learned that next-gen consoles would receive an upgraded GTA 5 instead of GTA 6. As such, one would expect fans to roast Rockstar Games, instead of poor Franklin. It's good to know that even as the possibility of a 2021 release for Grand Theft Auto 6 remains uncertain, gamers are still able to find new and inventive ways to enjoy the current game in the series. 

Grand Theft Auto has been through some stunning changes over the years, and with a long gap between the fifth and sixth installment, a lot of those changes have come from its users. More recently, fans were furious over an update from Rockstar because they were unimpressed by the upcoming content. The modding community has continued to expand GTA 5 in interesting ways, but fans still want what they want — and they want GTA 6. In the meantime, players can enjoy a hearty library of Franklin roast videos.