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Wasteland 3 Developer May Have A New Game In The Works

InXile Entertainment, the company behind Wasteland 2 and 3, has recently posted several job listings that hint at a new game being developed.

The most notable piece of information to be gleaned from these listings lies in the Senior Gameplay Designer description. InXile states that the group is "searching the globe for [its] next hyper-creative Senior Gameplay Designer to work on [its] unannounced, next-gen project."


This next-gen project is referenced in the description for an Art Director position, as well. The description mentions bringing "an extraordinary new world to life," which means that this new game will not be set in any universe fans have seen so far — seemingly discarding the possibility of the new project being a Wasteland sequel.

That begs the question about the type of game this new game could be. The Senior Gameplay Designer job description states that the job includes "implementing gameplay systems such as powerful, first-person weapons." Multiple job postings mention that the game is an RPG, so at least that aspect and first-person gameplay seem to be set in stone.

With the RPG elements of Wasteland 3 and the idea of an FPS being introduced, it can be assumed the game will be similar to other popular action RPGs like the GTA series or, more recently, Cyberpunk 2077. However, there are other types of RPGs that combine FPS gameplay, such as the turn-based gameplay of the Valkyria Chronicles series. No matter what kind of game is developed, fans have high expectations for InXile after the positive reception for Wasteland 3.


Wasteland 3 released in Aug. 2020 and gained a lot of attention as an outstanding tactical RPG, and Inxile has continually supported the game since its release. With the post-apocalyptic version of the United States and turn-based gameplay, Wasteland 3 let players feel the impact of each decision in the game. This made the game extremely replayable (with 10 different endings), and even a quicker playthrough of the game can take around 30 hours.

With several jobs listed for the new game, and the description of developing content for a new AAA game under each listing, InXile isn't holding back. With Microsoft's acquisition of InXile and the popularity of the Xbox Game Pass, a whole new audience may have opened up for InXile's games.

Because the publishing group is currently hiring to fill positions specifically for this new game, don't expect to see a new game or new game announcement anytime soon. For now, fans can only speculate what the new game will be like.