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Here's Why You Should Use Cyberpunk 2077's Mantis Blades

Upon its release, Cyberpunk 2077 was a bit of an overall disappointment — but not when it comes to the weapons. CD Projekt Red has filled the game with an arsenal of weapons that are as memorable as they are deadly. But even though Night City is full of futuristic armaments, like rifles with homing bullets or a pistol with a friendly bullet hologram to keep V company, the game's blades are not to be overlooked. This shouldn't be a surprise. Given CD Projekt Red's track record with The Witcher franchise, the team clearly know how to do sharp weapons.


The Mantis Blades are quickly becoming one of Cyberpunk 2077's most iconic weapons. As cybernetic implant swords that extend from V's arms, they perfectly sum up the kind of style and violence that the game's all about. But they're also versatile, deadly, and most of all, using them is a blast. Even players who usually prefer to deal damage from long range should consider the Mantis Blades as one of their go-to weapons.

Here's why Cyberpunk 2077's Mantis Blades are one of the best weapons in the game.

They're the ultimate hybrid weapon

What sets Mantis Blades apart is that they're a hybrid weapon, classified as both a Cyberware implant as well as a melee weapon. As a hybrid, Mantis Blades have advantages that regular Cyberware and melee weapons don't.


Normal melee weapons like katanas use stamina for attacks. But since Mantis Blades are Arm Cyberware, they use almost no stamina. Mantis Blades have unlimited light attacks, and the Heavy Attack uses less stamina than other melee weapons. If you want to use a katana instead, be ready to invest in Perks to use less stamina. Meanwhile, Mantis Blade users are free to spend those points elsewhere.

Most melee weapons can't be modified, but not Mantis Blades. As Cyberware, Mantis Blades have slots for mods that add elemental damage or more raw damage, or make them attack faster. (And a set of Legendary Mantis Blades has three mod slots.)

But Blade Perks also apply to Mantis Blades. So between Perks and Mods, Mantis Blades can basically be upgraded twice as much as other weapons.


But that's not all

Mantis Blades have other advantages, too. By default, they deal physical damage and not elemental damage, which makes them perfect for almost any enemy, regardless of their resistances. This avoid the hassle of having to switch between weapons mid-fight, or constantly running to the nearest Ripperdoc to modify your gear for the next batte.


Then there's the Mantis Blades' strong attack. Hold down the strong attack button to charge up the Mantis Blades, then release it to perform a forward lunge up to 15 meters and unleashes a devastating strike for heavy damage. This dispatches lots of enemies, but even better, it lets V close the distance to distant targets who would otherwise be out of range.

The only disadvantage is that Mantis Blades aren't cheap. Rare and Epic Mantis Blades can be purchased at most Ripperdoc locations for tens of thousands of eddies. However, you can find a free set of Legendary Blades during the "Phantom of Night City" Cyberpsycho mission.

Happy slicing.