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Pragmata Fans Just Got Bad News

In June 2020, Playstation announced the upcoming 2022 release of Pragmatic, riling up the gaming community and getting fans excited. Unfortunately, the title has been pushed back to 2023.

Pragmata, developed by Capcom, won fans over with stunning graphics and a post apocalyptic sci-fi version of Times Square, along with some emotional bonds between an adult and a child. While no date was completely set at the time, the year "2022" appeared at the end of that trailer.


However, during Sony's PlayStation presentation at CES 2021, Sony unexpectedly revealed release windows for a number of upcoming PS5 titles. These games included Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Kena Bridge of Spirits, and yes, Pragmata. Sadly, this is how Sony broke the news to fans that the game won't release until 2023. While no explicit reason has been given for the delay, it's worth remembering that game developers around the world were forced to push game dates back because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The game's store page describes Pragmata as a "sci-fi action adventure game" that utilizes all of the new PS5 features to create a stellar player experience. Capcom is a popular publishing company, with popular titles such as Devil May Cry and Resident Evil, so fans are right to have high expectations.


Capcom USA has also released an extended cut version of the announcement video, giving fans more insight into the game's details. This version of the trailer also pushed the sounds of the game to a new level, suggesting how immersive Pragmata may be.

Of all of Sony's upcoming titles featured at CES 2021, Pragmata is the one with the furthest release date. However this doesn't necessarily spell disaster for the game. Hopefully this delay means that Capcom is making the game the best it can be, instead of rushing it to market. In other words, fans shouldn't give up hope for Pragmata, just yet.

At CES 2021, Sony also discussed its new and upcoming projects in development across all industries, in addition to celebrating the successful PS5 launch it saw in 2020. Despite the slew of problems that fans had with the console's launch, including controversial game prices and a lack of systems available to buy, the PS5 was Sony's most successful console launch in history.

While waiting for Pragmata, fans can enjoy a variety of exciting exclusive games on the PS5 while waiting for 2023 to come around.