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The Hilarious Reason GTA 6 Is Trending On Twitter

After waiting so long for Grand Theft Auto 6 to arrive, fans have decided to find new and interesting ways to make do with GTA 5. Recently, the internet decided to roast Franklin Clinton, and now GTA 6 is trending on Twitter. It was certainly a funny fad, but why is the game trending now?


The meme had enough momentum to reach the actors who voiced Lamar and Franklin. Shawn Fonteno, who played Franklin, and Gerald "Slink" Johnson, who played Lamar, decided to get in on the fun themselves by recording a live-action reenactment of the very popular and very NSFW scene.

The video is quite an impressive recording that nails a perfect shot-for-shot recreation. It goes without saying that the performances are on point, but even their gestures are accurate, with framing that is near-identical to the scene in question.

It's often heartwarming for fans to see the talent behind their favorite properties take part in user-generated trends, however, one question remains: why is GTA 6 trending when the scene is from GTA 5?


It appears that Twitter has taken to jest that this footage is from the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. SFTY Network Tweeted the video, stating, "BTW: This Is What I Expect GTA 6 To Look Like On My PS5." Another user who shared the clip said, "GTA 6 looks firee." Yet another posted the video and simply said, "Lamar and franklin in GTA 6."

It's a logical gag considering the impressive technical specs of next-gen consoles. With graphical fidelity swiftly approaching its limits, it makes sense gamers would joke that a recording of real humans is what fans should expect from the sixth game. And considering how long everyone has been waiting for Grand Theft Auto 6, one might anticipate that its graphics would reach new heights.

Since GTA 6 has been on hold for so long, fans have had to make their own fun with a game that's almost a decade old. In 2020, there was a bizarre alien war that took place on GTA Online. Modders have also taken matters into their own hands by creating map expansions and other bizarre content in lieu of a new game. It's all these creative endeavors that keep the world of GTA 5 fresh and exciting.

Until fans finally get their hands on GTA 6, gamers can likely expect more fun antics to come from the community.