You'll Never Guess What This Streamer Used To Win Call Of Duty: Warzone's Gulag

Call of Duty: Warzone streamers are always finding unique ways to attract viewers, and Twitch streamer DeanoBeano takes it to the extreme with his musical talents.

DeanoBeano, a Call of Duty streamer, most recently took his recorder to the battlefield, leading him to get a second chance during his game with a win in the Gulag. In the Call of Duty battle royale game, players can come back into the game after a death by winning a one-versus-one battle in an area called the Gulag. DeanoBeano previously gained notoriety when a clip of him playing the drums on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare went viral on Reddit.


In his recorder win, you can see DeanoBeano outplay his opponent by quickly setting up and taking a position that gave him a chance at seeing his opponent and shooting first. This was a risky move. If his opponent came out of the spawn from the opposite side, then the clip would have ended in DeanoBeano's loss.

It's not uncommon to see streamers standing out because of an interesting twist on gaming, but it doesn't always result in any kind of win. It's typically just a fun way to play the game and entertain viewers. While most players approach Call of Duty with a controller or mouse and keyboard, DeanoBeano goes at it with instruments (and the occasional mouse and keyboard when he's ready to try hard). He's played with bongo drums, an actual drum set, and a recorder.


In an interview with Charlie INTEL, DeanoBeano explains just how he makes his setup work. He uses midi, which is a signal that comes from electric instruments, mapping each note to a keyboard control. From there, he plays the instrument to walk around, aim, and shoot! DeanoBeano, in the same interview, reveals that he plans to stream different games with unique controls like he does for Call of Duty. He also says that while it's difficult to use instruments in this way, "every kill and clip [he gets] feels so rewarding." He also says that he actually plays these instruments, and he has a bachelor's degree in music with a concentration on drums. What some might call luck is something he's studied and worked for. 

You can see more of DeanoBeano on his TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. He typically streams on Twitch after 6pm EST into the early hours of the morning on a consistent basis.