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Small Details You Missed In The Dead Cells: Fatal Falls Gameplay Trailer

Motion Twin and Evil Empire just announced that the Fatal Falls DLC for 2017's Dead Cells will arrive on Jan. 26 for PC and consoles. The developers have also introduced a new trailer that features gameplay, previously unseen enemies, added weapons, and two completely new biomes.


The trailer showcases the two new biomes: The Fractured Shrines and The Undying Shores, which are considered parallels and alternate paths for the Stilt Village, Clock Tower, and Time Keeper areas. Some of the images of The Fractured Shrines in the trailer have a yellowish background and, as you can see, feature plenty of details you may miss during your first watch of the trailer. This region is made up of floating islands connected by ledges covered in traps. Those enemies you see are pagan snake people and giant statues. Big, swinging axes are among the dangers you'll find here.

The Undying Shores will make you descend a cliff in the middle of a storm. The trailer switches between both locations, but you can tell The Undying Shores apart because you're traversing darker, ominous areas inside mossy caves that protect you from the rain while introducing you to undead healers and strange experiments. 


You'll also notice, inside the action-packed sequences of the trailer, some new bosses. The Mausoleum is the home of the mushroom- and flower-loving Scarecrow, who is basically the existing Royal Gardener infected with Malaise and can be seen near the end battling the protagonist. He's clearly upset by The Beheaded falling into his beloved plants, so that's something players will want to avoid if possible.

Fans will also encounter other new enemies, including the Clumsy Swordman, the Compulsive Gravedigger, the Myopic Crow, and four more bosses. Many are shown in the trailer, but it's hard to tell who's who right now. Of course, old enemies show up as well and are clearly just as brutal as ever – did you catch the bit at the end where a vengeful Jerkshroom knocks a balancing The Beheaded over a cliff? Maybe that's another reason he got the alternate moniker The Fallen One...

New weapons include scythes, Lightning Rods, Ferryman's Lantern, Scarecrow's Sickles, Iron Staff, Snake Fangs, Cocoon, and Serenade, all of which help in different parts of the new biomes. Apparently, a homicidal pet sword is also included: Some guess that it's the one that can be seen being freed in the trailer. Eagle-eyed fans can see that the same sword appears later flying around and helping out the player, reminiscent of Terraria's Terraprisma weapon. Ten new outfits are also included. 


To celebrate the release, the two development companies are offering some discounts. They've launched preorders on the new Dead Cells: The Fatal Seed Bundle, which includes all previous game updates and the coming one, and are currently offering a 33-percent-off preorder discount for it on the Nintendo Switch ($19.99). It will also go on sale starting Jan. 26 on all platforms. Other discounts will also go into effect soon, starting Jan. 26 and going into mid-February, depending on platform. (You can find it for PCs at multiple shops, not to mention Macs, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.) Look for 50 percent off the base game and 30 percent off The Bad Seed DLC. The Fatal Falls DLC alone will cost $4.99.