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What To Expect From Nioh 2 Complete Edition For PC

Nioh 2: Complete Edition is scheduled for a PC release on Feb. 5 of this year, the same day that next-gen releases of Nioh and Nioh 2 for the PS5 will also be available. Team Ninja, the game's developer, detailed just what the upcoming PC version of the Complete Edition includes in a new trailer and breakdown from IGN. The piece outlines performance specs, preorder bonuses and just what the "complete" moniker entails.


Visually, Nioh 2: Complete Edition will have the capability to make use of even some of the newest and most powerful gaming PC hardware. Supported features include ultra-widescreen monitors, HDR rendering, and 4K as well as Ultra High Definition resolutions. Display options will support a refresh rate of 144hz, and will allow players to lock in their framerate at 60 or even 120 frames-per-second. Of course, this requires suitable technology to do so without impacting its famously difficult gameplay.

The trailer for the PC Complete Edition included in IGN's preview shows off some of these visual capabilities. Side-by-side comparisons with environments as they appear on standard monitors are contrasted with visuals meant to simulate and demonstrate the improved dynamic range possible with HDR enabled. The trailer itself can be viewed in 4K, at a resolutions of up to 2160p.


PC players can customize its control scheme too, as the game supports both mouse-and-keyboard and gamepad options, allowing button remapping for each.

Preordering the game or purchasing it within its first three weeks of its availability, meaning before Feb. 26, will reward players with two sets of armor. The first, called "Ornate Gold Armor," is just what its name implies, appearing shiny and golden in color and featuring a peacock tail-like spread of golden spikes on its helmet. The second is called "Sohaya Deserter Garb," and resembles cat fur in appearance, even including a pair of cat ears adorning the player character's head.

Furthermore, preordering the game through Steam will grant players a piece of armor called the "Valve Helmet." Its base is a standard samurai Kabuto-style helmet, but instead of the typical plates with which they're typically made, it's textured with light-up RGB keyboard keys. A light-up mouse scroll wheel adorns its top. At its back is a giant simulacrum of Steam developer Valve's logo, a red water valve.

Included in the Complete Edition are Nioh 2's original campaign, three expansions originally released as DLC, and all of its multiplayer modes.

Nioh 2: Complete Edition for the PC is currently available to pre-order through the Steam Store ahead of its Feb. 5 release. Team Ninja currently has several games in the works, one of which may be a new Ninja Gaiden.